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    Uneven cloth stretch

    Nevermind !!! I see another thread with my answer
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    Billiard Glasses

    Does anyone have an experience with Gordon Harrison to share? He is an Optician in Quebec that makes billiard eye glasses at a very competitive price. I have spoken with Gordon over the phone and he seems to be the real deal as well as being a nice person. Just wondering if there are any...
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    Championship Tour Edition

    Looking for Championship Tour Edition 3030 Electric Blue for an 8 foot table. PM me with prices please.
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    Gluing pockets

    I am helping a friend glue some cloth on his 8 footer. Wondering what is the best way to glue and finish the pockets.
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    Morris and Dechaine on Mosconi together?

    After seeing these two play each other in Raleigh, NC, and coming close to fisticuffs in the process, I am doubtful they can play together on the Mosconi Cup team. Maybe I am wrong because of the payday but these two nearly came to blows in Raleigh.
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    Layered Tip Installation

    My question is: Can a tip such as Kamui be slightly damaged from being shaped or turned at a high RPM? I recently had a Kamui installed and when I tried to chalk it, the surface looked like a stone from the beach. It was hard , so hard it was unplayable. I ultimately removed some leather from...
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    Commentators BCAPL Finals

    I watched he BCAPL finals of the women and men yesterday and thought the stream was high quality with the exception of one commentator. I thought that Bobby Cotton was rude and condescending throughout. The only exception being when he was commenting about the Amaze Balls team apparel. Ken did...
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    American Rotation League ????

    Are the ARL playoffs taking place in Vegas? I have heard nothing about it or did I miss an announcement and stream?
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    Sterling Wave 2x3 Black

    Looking for a Sterling Wave Case 2x3 black
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    OB2 Shaft w Uniloc

    cancel this request
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    Tiger Everest tips

    does anyone sell the Everest tip?
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    CSI Invitational

    I hope I have time to watch some of the event. 16 world class players should make for some great play. What progress live streaming has made in the past 7 years :). Can you imagine what it will be like in the next 7 years. Thank you to Justin for being in the forefront. Lou
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    FREE Stream American Rotation nice stream
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    POLL How long will Bonus Ball Last

    This poll is for entertainment purposes only ;)
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    testing poll

    test with a poll.