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  • Wishing you a very, very joyful day!

    Say HI ! I just found your name on AZ and thought I'd see how life is treating you?
    Same o, same o here. Jake's is doubled in size (AND twice the amount of "eye candy" as spring has sprung there)! Take care.
    8-1-11 Monday noon
    I saw Tommy at the Elks Saturday and he ask about you. Let me know what's going on in your life. (by the way, Honda Jet is REALLY cranking up around the Triad area. A lot of hiring (specialized jobs). Hope all is well with you. Say Hey when you have a chance.
    May 21, 2011 Sat. PM
    Hi, no hear from you in ages ??? WhatsUp? I'm not playing at Breaker's anymore, now my home away from home is Jake's on Sp.Garden. They are expanding into the other side of the bldg. and will have another 6 9ft. Gold Crown IV's with Simonis 860 cloth. They've already installed 3 of them and they play "sweet"! (but pretty big!). Someone ask about you a couple weeks ago (you discussed/did something with your (then new) table). Let me know how you're doing and any pool?
    Phone: 1-800-710-2832 (toll-free).
    LOL! I love cannoli's! I'm not even sure if that's how you spell it! Hmmm.... I will tell Ashley what you said! Hope you've gotten to satisfy that craving! :):):) TC! Amanda!
    Thanks Majic! I am just real excited for Ashley! This is really good timing too! Thank you for your help! :):)
    Ok sounds good maybe we can play sometime. I went to practice at browns today at around 2pm and they were not open the hrs on the door said open sat at 1pm but it was closed tight as a jug. Im gonna start hittng the small handicap tournies again can't really afford any big events right now but i definately am looking forward to playin in some bigger events like jacoby and gsbt and whatever else. catch ya later.
    Hey what's up? Don't know if you rememnber me but we were talkin and watchin the seminole event at fast eddie's in goldsboro about a month ago. You ask if i was on here to say hi. My name is rick i was wearin a white hat, earl even chatted us up for a second. Said mike davis was the luckiest poolplayer in the world LOL! well gotta go. You ever play that guy for the king seat?
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