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    Pocket Size

    Excellent pocket sizes for the level this pros are at.
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    Pocket Size

    Anyone knows the pocket sizes n the Mosconi Cup Table?
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    4” pockets next time.., hopefully! At the level this Pros are.., 4.25” are buckets.
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    Cosmo Tips

    Can somebody tell me the Hardness Rating for the Soft and Medium Vismo tips?
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    BCA Hall of Fame - Class of 2022

    .., and still Corey Deuel is not elected.., what a shame.
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    Cosmo Tips

    Anybody knows about the Cosmo tips. Are they good quality and what is the hardness, in numbers, for the Soft and Medium tips.
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    Best player ever for the cash?

    We are talking about money players but there is a big difference between money players that play with their own money and others with the backers money. I would like to know about the best players who bet with their own money. Maybe Jay can answer my question.
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    Southwest Cue Wait

    What about Mickey Bunker ? Nobody mentions his name when it comes to Master Cue Makers. He is a great Cuemaker. One of the Main reasons South West cues have the recognition that they have is because Mr. Bunker. My respect to him at 150%.
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    Tulipwood SW Wanted

    Hi Vass, I have a South West replica build by Paul Drexler. It is a Wrapless cue. Woods are Tullipwood, Purpleheart with Segmented Ebony Handle. if interested or curious about the cue, send me your Email address for pics. Have a great day.
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    Pool Library

    The 99 Critical Shots in Pool - Ray Martin The Encyclopedia of Pool Hustler- Freddy ‘The Beard” Bentivegna Blue Book of Pool Cues - First, Second andThird Editions in Soft Cover Blue Book of Pool Cues- Third Edition in Hard Cover Winning One Pocket- Eddie Robin Shits, Moves and Strategies- Eddie...
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    Meucci Ultra Weapon Pro Shaft

    Looking for the above mentioned shaft at 30” with a 3/8x10 thread.
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    One Pocket Action Match of the year!

    pocket size.., anybody knows?
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    Lambros cue

    Is unable to send you anything with the Email that you send me.
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    WTB - Nice Paul Drexler PFD Cue

    I have a wrapless purpleheart Titlist and a wrapless 5 points Koa wood. Send me your Email address to and I will send you pics and price.
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    Lambros cue