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  • Hi Mason, If you have any of your cues for sale PM me. Clearly you know you PM box is full so I'm not hopeful for a reply.But we can hope, thnx
    Hope all is well Mason. Need to contact you on something regarding a cue you made for me. Could you pls email me at benny.quek@gmail.com. Thanks!
    Hope life is treating you good in the new year Mason...clean out your damn pm's *lol*
    Hello Mason, I left you a PM the other day. I'm looking for some of your white Micarta ferrule material - enough for four shafts. Could you let me know when it may be available and at what price?
    cell: 973-900-0784
    Can you let me know when will have some of your ferule I need like 5, 5/16, 3/4in or blanks.

    Thanks Rick.
    Mason, looking for more of your ferrule rod material.

    Bob Danielson
    509-628-8504 or email me at bob@bdcuesandcomix.com
    pm me and let me know availability of micarta rod or tube, also price. Thanks mike with, kpa, billiards.
    Hey Mason, do you have any more of that ferrule material? I would be interested in about 4' of the rod. Thanks, Bob
    Hey buddy i just thought i'd check to see if you'd replace that warped shaft i talked to you about before. i just found a box to ship it in and figured i'd check again before i went down to the post office.

    later brotha
    Hi Mason. Thank you. Waiting for news. I wish you a Merry Christmas.:) Good luck. Dmitry.
    Hi Mason, Your box is full. Clear it please.
    Or give me your е-mail
    I'm not quite familiar with "tube" or "rod".. does "tube" mean the lbm ferrule that I'm looking for?
    please explain me more..
    lol you must be popular your box is full again! mail already came for me today and no cue :( so much for 2-3 days guaranteed lol :)

    Do you still have some Micarta Ferules? I'd like 4 if possible. Can pay with PayPal or Credit Card (I live in the Netherlands). Please let me know.



    hay mason. you remember that shaft deal we were talking about? i already have a blank that i want you to use. do you mind if i go ahead and ship you the stuff (warped mezz for the united joint insert and blank?)
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