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    Which players have you tried to "emulate"?

    A few different players, but mostly, since I first discovered pool on TV, it's been Efren. I even copied his whipsawing practice stroke routine for awhile. Always steal from the best.
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    power draw

    I'm 52, 5'8" 165 lbs. with a bad shoulder, and I can draw the CB about 1.75x on a crappy Valley barbox. More than that on a Diamond. About 2x on a 9' GC. Not sure what the "jock" comment is about or why it's relevant. Sounds like a typical attempted excuse to me. Maybe instead of tyring...
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    power draw

    Hahaha, oh, okay. You can't power draw at all, but you're going to argue how to do it anyway. And really I'd like to see you draw anywhere near what Massey does in that video. And then you tell us that Mike Massey, basically the King of power draw, doesn't know what he's doing or what he's...
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    power draw

    Ah, I believe I wrote "note how level the cue is at IMPACT." Emphasis added. He isn't dragging his tip across the cloth BEFORE IMPACT, is he? And where did i say the cue was perfectly level? Right, I didn't. I said "how level," indicating that the cue was fairly level given the shot. Which...
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    power draw

    Mike Massey-power draw demo: Note how level the cue is at impact. 'Nuff said.
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    Meucci quality

    Never had a single issue with a Meucci. I've had maybe two dozen, and been buying them since 1985 or so. My most recent Meucci (ANW-3) seems to be of pretty good quality. The points are pretty even, one inlay appears to be just a hair wide vs. the others, but that might just be the light or...
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    Why don't people use their real names or pics in avatar?

    Why the hell do you care?
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    Do you remember your first pool hall?

    I was talking with a friend today, a guy I've played with and against for almost 20 years now, and we got to reminiscing about the old haunts we used to play in and the stories of those places. Somewhere during our ramblings we got to our first pool hall. So mine was an actual pool hall back...
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    Question about prize money at the pro level

    Quick question: What's the disparity, if any, between men's and women's pool/billiards players earnings/prize monies? Like other sports, do men's tournaments at the pro level feature higher prize money? Or are they basically equal?
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    A Question about Ferrules

    So I was idly messing around looking at some cues online and noticed that they gave options for ferrule materials: ABS Aegis G10 combo IvorX Ivorine VI Elforyn Juma Melamine Micarta II Phenolic combo Porper PVC Saber-T My question: how much of a difference is there between these options? Is...
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    My FARGO is 489. What does that mean?

    So last year I started playing a small tournament in north Phoenix because the guy who started it asked me to come and participate. I ended up playing in it about 7 or 8 times last year. A week ago I played in it for the first time this year. While I was there, several players were talking...