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    Magnetic Measles Ball This is the same ball without the valley branding. Magnetic with the duramith resin. It's what I use and I like it better than the measles ball I have. I bought it so that, once tournaments start again...
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    Is Efren to pool what Ronnie is to snooker?

    I don't think there's been anyone like Ronnie. He's a once-in-a-lifetime oddity.
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    WORLD POOL CHAMPIONSHIP (6-10 June2021) Champion $50K

    He's one of the most consistently underrated players in my opinion. He was my pick to win this.
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    Predator Pool Table

    Huh. Only 6 logos. Remarkable restraint from them.
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    I found my perfect training game

    I don't play rotation ever, but I'll try to give this a go tonight.
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    Jacoby Black - Great shaft

    I am cheap, like, painfully cheap. I'd rather rip my own spleen out than part with $500 for something I don't really need for a game I'm not that good at... but I did. Last spring I got the Jacoby Black 30", fully expecting to be filled with buyer's remorse. Not even close. I just friggin love...
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    Predator Pool Table

    I'll be amazed if every diamond spot on the rails isn't a small predator logo.
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    Why do pros do bar box tournaments? Serious reply's only

    That's a pretty big assumption.
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    Big pool table, small room. Could this be the solution we've been waiting for.

    lol, it would make for some crazy swerve shots.
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    Big table/Small room-thinking outside of the (bar)box

    Nice! Next project is to mount an overhead camera and get a computer to identify the cueball, and then move the table automatically after every shot once the balls stop moving. This guy might have ideas if you can contact him: He seems to have software like that already made.
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    Why don't Snooker players use low deflection shafts?

    It would be, yeah. Deflection is caused by mass, mass is measured by volume.
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    My Home Pool Room Journey

    Nobody with a space 4' or less will put 2 pieces where they could just put one vertical. Even if they did it would mean less than 4' of additional taping. In no 3d universe does it "double the number of seams".
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    My Home Pool Room Journey

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    Big table/Small room-thinking outside of the (bar)box

    Lol, I love all the negativity in this thread. There are definitely 2 types of people in the world. Those that can get stuff done, and those that can't. I guarantee I could make this work, and do it for less than $1k, including the computer. I'm betting that Scott is in my camp.
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    Dynasphere Tungsten balls -Awesome !

    That's a good point. I play 90% 14.1, 10% 8 ball, and the colors don't bug me at all. I could see having issues with them for rotation games though.