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    John Davis blank **Giveaway** price getting out of pool

    I have a john davis blank. It is designed to be wrapped, I believe "full splice"?? Beautifully done in titlist colors. Price is 280.00 shipped in my mint 4x8 case. Lacewood into straight grain maple w/ matching end "butt" piece. SOLD.
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    Out of billiards cue sale

    I am done, my eyesight because of my health is shot. I can no longer play well enough for it to be fun. I need some help getting rid of my last cues, and have priced accordingly. I need the cash also so please don't take advantage of an already good thing. Thanks, and here is cue 1. 7 hills...
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    Lee Peppers Ebony & BEM Hoppe 4-veneers

    I have a Lee Peppers for sale. The shaft is amazing........I mean really amazing. Did not sell on ebay, but has got a bid now. See link if interested. 4 point 4 veneer 15.3 3.7 19.0 13mm
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    Olney BEM w/ Cocobolo sleeve titanium

    I have a Jeff Olney for sale. Priced right at shipped and insured. The shaft on this cue is amazing and it plays absolutely lights out. I am slowly getting out of billiards because of health affecting my vision and I just cannot play the way I was able to up until now. Here is the link to specs...
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    Olney Wrapless Pao Ferro & Bloodwood I have a Jeff Olney wrap less in new condition. It is Pao Ferro w/ Blood wood handle. It has buck horn joint and 3/8" G-10 pin. This cue is amazing and you do not have to wait to get one built. It has a...
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    Let's try this Olney FS

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    Jeff Olney Wrapless

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    WTS Sailor cue with 2 original shafts 500.00

    I have for sale a sailor cue. I believe this is older as the pin is not machined like the newer ones. Butt 15.6 shafts 1) 3.9 oz 12.6 mm 2) 3.9 oz 12.6 mm 1 shaft is straight and the other has a non issue minor taper roll. Nothing comes close to leaving table. This is a honest very...
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    Brunswick Willie Hoppe Pro. EARLY EARLY

    I believe this to be a very early Hoppe with Ivory. I am using the label to date it and looking at the sig. in the label. Closed "P" and Beginning of "W" in Willie has small swoop. Online shows it as 1940-1945????????. Someone maybe knows more please chime in. Never turned, it is huge and almost...
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    Here is a new Schon with I think an Implex joint? It looks like a STL 3 but with a different pin. It was built using a 3/8 Brass radial pin. I am wondering if anyone has seen one? Goes together nice and tight like most radials. This is going to play a ton, and I am going to shoot with it today...
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    Huebler EH-2 Laser straight and inexpensive

    Huebler Laser straight and inexpensive I have a Huebler. This cue is laser straight with a new Lepro tip. Honestly, this cue looks like it was never used. I cannot find a mark on it and it looks NOS. I do not have a scale, so let's call it 18.5. Priced to sell FIRM at 150.00 shipped. YES YES...
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    Predator 314 Pre-Cat shaft 5/15 x 14

    It will need a tip. Very Very Very slight taper roll. Joint does not come close to leaving table. Priced to sell at 150.00 shipped. FIRM and no trades.
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    Looking For Tad Tribute PJ with TAD rings and

    Like it says, looking for a maple plain jane with Tad rings. In the 18.5-19.5 range.
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    Schon CX-02 with Predator 314 shaft

    Schon CX-02 NOW BUTT ONLY Schon CX-02 butt only. 5/16 x 14 thread. Butt rolls straight. Cue has a spot where the finish lifted a tiny bit. You cannot feel anything. It is located opposite the Schon logo, and is the size of a @ symbol. Very nice cue. Priced right at SOLD shipped. Predator...
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    Gorgeous McDermott 1987 4 veneer sharp

    There was a thread about this cue on here before. It is the 1987 Lucky 13. The story was it was part of a promo where if a dealer bought 12 cues, they would receive this free. I contacted Jaime at McDermott and asked him about and he could not find any documentation about it. He also said that...