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    Don't buy International Open 9 ball

    By day three it has been good for me. First day was terrible, day two tolerable and now no issues at all.
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    Don't buy International Open 9 ball

    I feel you here. I know a little myself as an IT Director. My bandwidth is more than sufficient. Paying for the premium package appears to be a big mistake on my part. I don’t recall having issues like this in the past. Unfortunate.
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    Don't buy International Open 9 ball

    Impossible to argue with you here Tom. I’m so frustrated.
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    The 2021 International Open PPV

    The problems are ongoing since the first match. Currently, I cannot even log back on. Absolutely frustrating for a 99 dollar package.
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    Question: Why do People Pay to Sign up to get Slaughtered?

    Because it's fun and you may just get to play a champion and win a few games. More power to them! I'd do it if I had the chance when I was still able to play.
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    Real Prize money. Chinese Pool

    1st place paid around $147,000 USD. Not a bad payday. The best would be hard pressed to make that in an entire year playing pool. Perhaps one day but probably not any time soon.
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    12.9mm Revo shaft, 3/8 x 10 for sale.

    Sold to Brian.
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    Kamui Magnetic Chalker with Kamui Chalk

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    JB Cases order status / updates?

    Got a reply, end of discussion. :)
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    Predator SPORT 3×4 BLACK SOFT CASE For Sale

    Sold$ $old.
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    Predator Air 2 Jump cue

    Like brand new. If interested in pics, email me. It's literally chalked and never left my home. My Itrader is perfect. SOLD
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    Digicue Blue FS

    Used once. SOLD
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    Play Great Pool by Mark Wilson book

    Somehow, I ordered two books by accident. I'm willing to sell one of them at a small loss. I paid the standard $70 shipped but willing to let one go at for $60 shipped the continental US. If interested, email me at Paypal accepted and preferred.
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    9' Diamond Pro for sale, cherry wood. Pro cut.

    I have a used but great condition cherry Diamond Pro. This is cherry wood, not oak. The cherry is a premium wood from Diamond. 3 piece slate Pro cut pockets 4 3/8" Cover and light included Balls are NOT included. Located in SW Ohio. $3500 Buyer to arrange move and tear down. See pics at...
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    Digicue for sale..

    Digicue for sale. Gone!