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    Brand new Jack Justis 2x4 case

    SOLD SOLD SOLD!!! Thanks for looking! Well, here's a story you don't hear every day... I was going through some boxes in my basement the other day, when I found one that contained a brand new Justis 2x4 case! :thumbup: It's like finding a $20 bill in your pants pocket, only much, MUCH...
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    Southwest cue at a low, low price!

    I've had this nice SW cue for a couple of years now, and it's a great playing cue! Unfortunately for me, my local pool hall has closed down, and I no longer actively play more than once or twice per month in my own basement, so It's time to let a few things go... This beautiful cue has 3 high...
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    FS Unique Wrap Magic - leather wrap jig

    SOLD . . . SOLD . . . SOLD! I have a new and un-used Unique Wrap Magic leather wrap fixture for sale. Comes with all items pictured, including Unique's instructional DVD. All items are in new, un-used condition, as I never got around to doing any leather wraps. I am asking $495 shipped for...
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    Pool near NJ City?

    Hi all, I'm in Jersey City for a bit, and wonder if someone can point me to any nice pool halls in the area. Thanks.
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    Incardona playing 1P on free stream

    Billy has a nice game going with Henderson right now on
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    Dragon Promotions "World 14.1 Tournament"

    In case you missed it, there is an interesting discussion about this tournament's World Championship status in the main forum.
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    TAR 20 SVB vs Strickland

    The TAR web site has a TAR20, SVB vs Strickland teaser posted. Mission accomplished, I have been teased. Now, what are the details, or at least what do we know at this time? Date, table size, game and race, headphones, magnifying glasses, 9' cues, what's the story? Mr Hoppe needs to know...
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    SBE Results

    I heard there were thousands of people at SBE this year, and it sounded very positive. How successful was your SBE in terms of orders and sales?
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    test poll

    testing testing testing . . .
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    GC4 vs washing machine

    I came home tonight to find that my washing machine on the first floor had flooded the laundry room, and of course my pristine Gold Crown 4 is in the basement directly underneath it . . . :( There were probably 50-100 gallons of water that were pored directly on the bed of the table. What do...
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    SVB vs Mika day 3 score updates

    Please update the score here. I'm still on the train on my way home and am dying to know the progress. I believe the day 3 starting score was 70 to 60 SVB. Thanks! :)
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    Pizza or straight pool?

    Thought I'd pass along that you can get the 2006 World 14.1 Championships at Seyberts here for $12 bucks! 5 DVDs, 3 1/2 hours of pool with commentary for less than the price of a pizza. Add some stuff to your order and you can also get free shipping. Enjoy.
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    100 years of 14.1?

    I happened to be watching Schmidt vs Harriman 2 on the train into work this morning. Ken Schuman is one of the commentators, and he happened to mention that 14.1 was introduced in 1910. If this is true, making this the 100 year anniversary of the game of straight pool, have there been any big...
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    WTB: TAR videos

    I already own most of the videos that TAR sells, and have purchased them directly from the guys, but there are two specific ones that they produced, but are currently out of stock. 1) SVB vs Mills. <- found this one, thank you. 2) Schmidt vs Harriman Action All Around 2: Day 1 14.1. I have the...