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  • i'm thinking of buying a hoppe pro cue and a local has one that has a tiny bit of veneer missing.. otherwise in pretty good condition. it has the initials HJ stamped in the handle. is this a coincidence or did HJ Rambow stamp cues he made for Brunswick?

    Thank you for your time.
    Thanks so much for the great information. I sincerely, appeciate it. I do have two sets in wooden boxes like in your avitar that I paid $800 for both.

    I'm finishing up an addition on my house right now, but when I find some time, I'd like show you another set of three (2 red, 1 white)that I obtained. They came in a old leather case from Japan and are 2.5 inches and the ball are mint in color and clarity. More later.

    Take care and have a great weekend!

    Joe Wagner
    Danville, PA 17821
    Hello, your inbox was full so I'll post here.... my handle on AZ ia RAMIII

    I've located one of those elusive ebony titlists, and I'm considering how much I can put into the cue to reasonably get out of it? First, part of the handle is cracked and a handle will need to be spliced between the forearm and butt and I'll have a green and white linen wrap put on it. I wasn't sure if the handle splice would decrease the value for other buyers? I'm planning to put about $2500 into the cue with notched MOP inlays and a V-wedge butt. It will be my first $1k+ cue and I just want to ensure I can get out of it what I put into it at a later date if I ever decide to sell it. Are there any other considerations that might impact the value of the cue (for example I'm planning to have an ivory joint rather than stainless because I enjoy the hit of ivory)? Any guidance or warnings you can offer would be helpful. Thank you for your time-Ryan Feel free to PM me back, thanks.
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