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  • Hello ,
    I am not a professional writer and not seeking any fame as a writer, I have a successful career, and this writing stuff for SkinnyBob's is just a hobby. I love shooting pool as a hobby, but I am not in any league.

    I would appreciate it not publish my real information.

    BTW, Charlie asked me to change some of the article, but I had already sent it to Jerry at AZ Billiards for the front page. But I didn't know he had put it up, the version that got posted on the front page didn't have the changes he asked for. I had immediately emailed AZ telling them I had a change for the article, and he got angry saying the format of my article caused him a lot of pain in editing and publishing and he would not accept any more articles from me unless they are "Final.".

    I thought I would be your first message! Hope your holiday's are going well Merry Christmas.
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