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  • Terry that ebony. Looks good with pierce. What other cue parts did you send?? Great choice. I thought 2
    Hi people call me RAnger Steve. I am in the military and have family of 5. I have always helped in the pool world to keep it alive. My grandfather who passed away started me at pool and I fell in love with it. I have sponsored many tourneys out of pocket and never asked for anything in return, I just wanted to see a good turn out. One major tourney I help sponsor was the archer classic. I had about 20 cues which I sold to do such sponsoring. I am down to one. I leave to Korea in June and need a cue. I hope to build my collection again so I can put cue in each of my boys hands when they get old enough. Thank you. Ranger Steve. 9073886263
    Hey terry , my name is Dave and I am very interested in the 87-15 helmstetter cue that you say your friend has . If you can let me know ASAP if he would be willing to sell it I would very much like to purchase it . Thanks. Dave
    The cue you are looking to get can be built for a VERY REASONABLE price. Check out this site. Keith is amazing cue builder and his prices are by far and away the best out there for kind of quality you get.

    very easy to work with, and he is very easy to work out a price with. turn around time is almost non-existant.
    Very nice set. The red wood is Redheart. The value of the shafts are $200 each. I retailed that set over $800.00 when I built it.
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