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    WPBL (Bonus Ball) - Live Stats

    Now that things are running smoothly at the studio (they fixed the streaming platform and I got the faulty a/v equipment replaced), I've finally had time to start working towards increasing production quality. One of the three main items that we're focusing on this week, is the live stats...
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    WPBL (Bonus Ball) - Pocket Cut

    This was mentioned in another thread, so I figured I'd just start a new one. Pocket cuts are like aiming systems as it seems people are very defensive about them, but I figured I'd explain my take on them, as I feel it's a very important element of what we're doing here at the WPBL arena. I've...
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    WPBL (Bonus Ball) - Hohmann 60 Ball Run on Youtube

    Match 3 between the Minnesota Outlaws and the Phoenix Fire is now ready for viewing. We're hoping this will quickly erase any and all doubt as to the validity of the game of Bonus Ball. Thorsten puts on one of the best performances any of us have ever seen, and Darren quoted this match as "some...
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    In regards to Bonus Ball

    I've been too busy with damage control to check the forums this weekend, but I'm assuming things here are pretty bitter and negative. I just wanted to quickly make a statement or two. For one, I run the production company. I'm not a network guy, nor is that my job, nor is it that of anyone else...
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    Venom Trickshots II (the TV show) - Photography

    As some of you may know, Florian (venom) and I went on a world tour in October, visiting 9 countries in our quest to film a sequel to his DVD. This time however, specially for TV. Although I've been very busy with another project, I'm working hard editing the show, which will be delivered to...
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    Derby 9ball rack mechanics

    I won't include names, but watch how the player on the TV table racks the balls, then taps the head ball to ensure the head ball is tight. Sounds reasonable, right? Now watch what he's really doing. He's pushing the 1ball into the rack not to freeze it, but rather so that it indirectly...
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    No more Mosconi Cup points - Teams to be chosen entirely as wildcards

    The new press release is out (not yet up on AZ), and Matchroom has decided to no longer choose the teams based on BCA points. All teams will be chosen by Matchroom themselves. Many of us knew this was coming eventually, but now that it's official, how does everyone feel about it? EDIT: I hate...
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    Who said trickshots dont come up in real game scenarios? :p

    Florian 'Venom' Kohler strikes again, this time during a streamed tournament.
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    WPBL (Bonus Ball) new wesbite

    WPBL (Bonus Ball) new website The new WPBL (Bonus Ball) website is now up. For anyone who was looking for more information, there are a series of articles that elaborate on the concept, season format, rosters, and start dates. Be sure to check it out: Also consider 'liking' the...
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    WCoP stream link that works: Finals on now!
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    Behind the scenes pictures from the production of the pilot episode of Bonus Ball

    I tried to link to these pictures in the other bonus ball thread, but without any luck. As such, here's a select few attached for your enjoyment.
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    High quality pool desktop wallpapers

    I just posted some high-res desktop wallpapers for anyone who's interested. I've included support for the 7 most common screen resolutions (right up to 1920x1080), so be sure to pick yours accordingly. There are 3 different ones, but here's a preview of one:
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    World 8 Ball Championships - Ridiculousness

    How is it possible that Karl Boyes, the 2010 World 8 Ball Champion, isn't invited to this years event? The guy has a kid in 2011 and has an off year, and now he's not invited back? Karl is a friend, but this sort of thing shouldn't happen to anyone.
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    Pool gets a 5 minute spotlight on ABC news today (video included)

    ABC news brought in a Diamond table into their newsroom for this. 4 million viewers is their audience for this particular time slot. Very impressed. Flash version: Mobile friendly version...