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  • part II;
    So, should you get a cancellation in the middle of a 'Plain
    Jane', Merry Widow or Sneaky Pete send me a message, you know, the my Wife, she/my car it/
    or my favorite, my dog he, I may be interested, or not but it won't hurt to ask and I may like
    what you have too offer. so, please ask. Thanks

    Newsheriffintown, Howdy;

    I see that you get a lot of inquiries and I expect that you may get a few cancelations as well.
    I don't much care for 'fancy', it doesn't make the cue any better and flashy things draw the
    wrong kind of attention (IMO). continued.

    Hi Dave. Searching for minimal length carbon fiber adapter from a (discontinued Predator butt)5/16-14 piloted pin, to Standard 3/8-10 flat Cynergy shaft. Are you still crafting these? Please text me at 518 330-7523.
    Hi New Sheriff. I might be interested in a mid-cue extension, radial pin ebony.
    How much money would it be? (delivery to zipcode 02188)
    How long would delivery be at this time?
    Steve Ellis.
    I have a cuetec but I saw you don't do Custer joints for the mid cue extensions? just trying to make sure.

    I am purchasing a REVO shaft but unfortunately I have a custom cue Dan Janes made for me and I don't want to mess with the joint. It is a 5/16x14. I was wondering if I could order an adapter from you so I could put a REVO shaft on my Joss butt.

    Please email me, or message me here, or call or text my cell at 519-542-1455.

    Greatly appreciated!

    -Eric Clarke
    So the 2 extensions you made for me work great. Thank You
    ----- We originally tried to make one for my Cognescenti. it fit the one side but not the other. I found out what pin it is 7/16-11
    Could you give me a rough idea of the cost of your extensions and converters please?
    Are you at all interested in making a "plain jane" style cue?

    I've outgrown my production cues (Predator, Mezz, Lucasi, etc), and am looking for a real cue with real playing function. I don't care so much for looks (fancy inlays, points, etc), I just want the best shooting cue I can get. Problem is cash...these custom cues run in hundreds or thousands of dollars, and I think it's mostly because of all the time it takes to put all that fancy-looking stuff in that doesn't actually affect the game play.

    So, I'm basically looking for a deal on your best-shooting cue that doesn't take you forever to make and therefore doesn't cost me a shitload of money, heh. The only specs I really want are: 11.25" tip, European taper, 30 inch shaft and butt (60" total), total weight 19.75 ounces, and a Uniloc joint...everything else is up to you.
    What is price and weight for a 4" shaft extension made from Birdseye with thin black joint collars? Radial pin Diveney cue. I haven't measured joint but his cues are the same if you happen to know joint diameter.
    I am interested in the ltd 1811. I have a poison arsenice ar2-3 w/ a custom ob pro shaft, a ob 128 cue w/ ob pro shaft, a BK3 no wrap break cue. If you like any of those let me know I can also throw in a lil bit of cash if need be. You can text me at 214-298-1979. My name is Gilbert.
    I would like to know if you can make me 3 cue extensions.
    2" maple extension with a 5/16x18 joint at .8375 ( 21.27mm )
    4" maple extension with a 3/8x10 radial joint at .8375 ( 21.27mm )
    2" maple extension with a 3/8x10 radial joint at .8375 ( 21.27mm )
    If possible, please advise me of the steps to take and the time frame for its completion.
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