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  • Would you take a $500.00 Postal money order for your Olivier cue?
    I have never had an offer of M.O. payment before...Can I wait to get M.O. or do you want me to send cue right away?
    check your private messages or "conversations" as they call it now on the maill icon on top towards the right
    No...I sold that a long time ago.....The one I have for sale now is made by Dan Janes, not production like the other one...
    Hey...Thats nice......I like it......Well...I still need to visit Coker to see how He's doing since being robbed....Could be I could come back with a new Coker....Maybe..Just maybe...
    Hi, Art! Sleeveless Eddie from the pool hall. Just letting you know that I bought a mint condition Bill McDaniel Sneaky Pete (being shipped today). So... now it's your turn! The ball is in your court. I'm on AZ now as eddieautomatic. I'll show you the refinished Carmeli when I come in... maybe today.
    I think I might have figured out what I was doing wrong. I think I had actually posted my offer to you on my own message board!..... LOL
    This Forum isn't the most user friendly system I've come across. I sent you an offer for the Coker on what I believe is the PM area of this site, but I don't see that message here, so I figured I would post something here to the same effect..... Would you take $825 for the cue? I know I don't have a rating on the AZ site, but I do have a paypal account.
    well pay pal seems the best way to me. And one other question i have is how long youve had the cue and how did you aquire it? Have you used it?
    Hey.....Great....Glad you like it....I told you you would...You'll win enough to pay for it pretty soon...
    What up Art! I'm still loving that McDermott you sent me. It hits great and has pushed me to bring my game up. Thanks again for hooking me up.
    Hey there!

    Curious if you still have the Mcdermott g405 up for grabs and f you have considered bringing the price down a bit?

    or call me anytime at 702-241-8000 (i dont check voice mail often) txt messages I call back asap.

    hey man!!!! I need your number, I'm comming up that way real soon

    email me at


    Eric aka Fatboy
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