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    FS - Pro One/CTE DVD

    Watched it a few times, no longer need it. Looking to get 30$ shipped TYD. PM for paypal! Pictures upon request. It's 39$ online w/ 6$ for shipping, so I think it's a pretty good deal, but it's OBO. Nitro
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    Who's hustling who?

    So, here's the story, two guys started playing for money, player A is better than player B. Started at 5 dollars a game 8 ball on a 9 footer. Player A gets up 10. They do a race to 3 for 10 and player A wins again. Then A says let's do a race to 5 for 20 spotting B 2 on the wire. A wins again...
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    Have you played with a Samsara?

    Hello- I did a search and came up on the dry end for replys as to the playability of a Samsara custom cue, and as I am currently researching for my first big cue purchase. So I ask those of you that have played with a Samsara, what you thought about it, feel wise, hit wise, any information...
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    What do you think of Southwest Cues?

    What is your opinion on there overall performance, quality, value, and anything else you feel a potential customer of theres should know, good or bad, just looking for data. Thank You Simon
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    What's the best hitting cue you've played with?

    What is the best hitting cue you have played with? Looks are important to me, but won't make the shot, I am looking to gather information as to what the best "playing" cues available are. Let's hear em! Simon
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    Is Oregon a dead spot for pool?

    I was at a local pool hall last night talking with an old friend and he brought up that he thought that Oregon was a dead spot for pool. What are your thoughts? This came up in the context of comparing the action in and around Portland in particular in comaprison with the likes of Seattle or...
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    What do you prefer a Jump Break or Separate Entities of both?

    First off- I did a search and came up dry with a recent "poll" of this nature, I saw some people asking the same kind of question, but in a diffrent way, so now I look to see from a statistical position what cue's you guys use and wether you want a combination of both or separate cues for both...
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    Hello All- This is my first post and I just wanted to kinda introduce myself. My name is Simon and I am 20, I have been playing off and on for the past three years or so, and am just getting back into the game. Starting to play some one pocket in addition to 9 ball and such. Within the next...