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  • Melinda, I was glad I had the opportunity to say hello to you while at the APA NTC. You are as genuinely nice in person as you appear to be online. I felt bad for your teammate in your team's final round during the 8ball Open. She was pretty broken up over her loss. In closing, I am a bit disturbed by your skill level rating in 9ball. ;)
    A bazillion kudos for your hard fought match. I was pulling for you! You handle yourself so well Melinda. I'm genuinely impressed at your affinity to step up, your tenacity in getting an opponent into the box and the sportsmanship you exhibit during battle. Hats off to one of my favorite little critters. ;) :) Matt
    Hey Melinda! :) I am going to be in Vegas the 13th through the 23rd! I am going to try to go watch your match against Borana....barring some crazy happenings - I should get there. lol... Where is this place at? I guess I could look through the thread and find that link again... :)

    See ya soon!
    Hi Melinda, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your little book! You are a very unique woman, so I'd have been surprised if your book was anything less than far out, witty, imaginative and perfection-esque. It's all that and more! :thumbup: Your use of your cute little critters is classic! "Here, Bunny. You got it. You got the eight." Where do you pull this from?

    Thanks mega tons! Awesome! :)

    Okay, Melinda, your pretty enough to attract much attention. No need to faint to garner more. Hope everything is fine. Wish I could have went to the swanee.
    Melinda, forget about Mary and get a fair match with Rudy and kick his little ass.
    How come were not friends here?

    I heard you doing some comentary the other night it was great, lets do commentary together sometime when we have the chance, I moved back to Vegas for a while-I still have my house in LA, So you'll see me around-(insert wise ass comment here) ;) :),

    I will let you know when and we can go play, if you like. You play hard I like that, I used to play Mary Kenningston when she was on tour, I have played Ming Ng, I love to play girls that play good, they play harder than men do their determination is very strong, I mean this in a complementary way. I have awalys perfered to play top woman players, I dont flirt its all pool, period.


    Gordo Boy
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