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  • Gave Trigger the bad news, I can't go to Vegas. Turns out I'll be jobhunting for the forseeable future. Maybe next year.
    I'll be looking for cannoli's this week. For some reason I have a sudden urge to eat one. Hope you have a nice ride home! And tell Ashley she played great and to keep it going at the Open.
    cool avitar, i like in LA so I understand it where as hicks like Disco might not ;) just kidding Derek is great-he was suppost to come visit me before it got cold. better late htan never I will see him in May, best

    Miss Herndon stalks me a lil bit, theres enough room for you to. I see that you've been on my page, you gotta cover your tracks better you're gonna do that.
    Nice meeting you in Arlington! Hope to see play sometime again in the future. Good Luck :)
    nice to have some green thingies. i have 100 million of them. i can share. even tho my future ex wifes name is amanda. i wont hold that against you for now
    Thanks Robert! Joe told me you said congrats! I told him to tell you hello for me! :) I hope you are doing well!

    Hey Amanda...congrats on you win this weekend. FYI its robert from corpus...I shane and joes friend:)
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