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    Deep Focus, movie reviews of The Hustler & The Color of Money

    COM disappointed me also. Cruise aka Vincent is pictured on the book but ,isn't in Walter Tevish's book at all. The book was great,it's a shame Hollywood changed it.
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    Palmer case

    One on ebay now.
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    How many Cues do you own today

    1 Adam FG model, 2 Adam Monte Carlo's, a jump break cue unmarked and an old National cue. Lots of shafts, bumpers and whatnots and Fellini style cases also.
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    Some days...

    Not to worry, Fatboy. I'm sure our government is willing and able to get their cut from the proceeds! Oh my!
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    I've had several examples of the old Meucci Originals, from my experience about half of the shaft joints or butt ringworm failed. Either by splitting or cracking even the butt caps had issues. I asked a dealer in the '80's about it and he said it was the implex Bob was using at the time. Idk if...
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    Your best playing production cue

    Plain jane Adam "FG" early '80's model. Both the joint and shaft are stainless steel made. It is the best hitting Adam I've owned since 1990. It's the one on the left.Noy fancy but it would kill me to lose it.
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    They made a movie...

    To me,I liked the Hustler. It came out the year I was born and it showed the style of those times, I felt. The COM however made me wonder if Tevish had even written it. It was a Hollywood version complete with Cruise, an actor with no business acting IMO. Please read the book, you will be glad...
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    They made a movie...

    Hollywood would probably remake The Hustler because remakes always make money and they know it. And had they actually followed Walter Tevish's storyline with COM, I believe we would have two classic pool movies IMO. I wasn't a fan of the movie COM when I saw it. Years later when I actually read...
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    Buying on the For Sale forum. Friends and Family and sweeping paranoia

    I've been with PayPal over 20 years ago as a buyer and seller. You have absolutely no protection if you go with friends and family. Period. But goods and services provide protection to both parties. I've never had my money held on my sales. Maybe he should upgrade his account, I recall I had to...
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    Sold Schon stl4 clean 500 or trade for custom sneaky Pete

    He says $500 on the ebay auction section here,just saw it
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    Your best playing production cue

    The 1 on the left folks! Plain enough to take it to the bad parts of town,lol! I have GOT to start cropping my pictures on here. Yup yup.
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    Your best playing production cue

    My '80's FG model Adam,plain jane version. Stainless steel butt joint and shaft for a stiffer hit. For about 20 years now.
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    Meucci MO-4 1/2 question: is the white pill bumper original? Cue hasn't been refinished. Thanks!

    I like the early cues by Bob too! The bumper made me look twice on ebay. Wasn't in the market even. Like you,I like it too. Thanks!
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    Meucci MO-4 1/2 question: is the white pill bumper original? Cue hasn't been refinished. Thanks!

    Had an MO-11,your right it had a black pill. Sold it in '97.