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    3 points

    I have done several 3 pointed cues with 3 butterflies in between.. shoot me an email and I will send you some pictures. A little bit time consuming but can be done no problem. Thank you Doug Patrick
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    Amboynia Ebony Ivory

    Did they change how adds are bumped up I cant see this one on the for sale forum
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    Amboynia Ebony Ivory

    What contract would that be ScottK I thought I would put this back out there again.
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    Rosewood and Ivory beauty

    Thanks everyone for the kind words... I really enjoyed building this cue with Ralph. This cue is one of my favorites....
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    Amboynia Ebony Ivory

    Amboynia burl forearm and butt sleeve. 4 Ivory points with a black veneer on each point. Ebony segmented handle with Ivory inlays. Amboynia butt sleeve with Ivory and Ebony. Ivory joint and butt cap. Black phenolic with Ivory ring work in all places. Brass radial joint pin. I 12.8 mm...
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    Culry koa and ivory

    Curly koa forearm and butt sleeve. 4 points of Ivory. Each point has a red yellow and orange veneers. Ivory mitered matching boxes in butt. Ivory joint and butt cap. Elephant ear wrap. Brass radial joint pin. 1 12.8 mm shaft with xtc ferulle and triangle tip. 1 Predator 314-2 shaft...
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    Doug Patrick Pumpkin Splice

    Cue still looks like it did when it left my shop..... Thanks Ralph....
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    Bocote ebony ivory

    Bump to the top
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    1st grandson on his way.

    Thank you everyone. I was 20 when my first daughter was born. I'm 49 now.
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    1st grandson on his way.

    This never gets old. I have 4 grand daughters. And tonight our first grandson is coming to meet us.
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    Bocote ebony ivory

    All pms replied to. Thanks for looking
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    Bocote ebony ivory

    Bocote forearm and butt sleeve. With 4 point of Ebony. Each point has black yellow and orange veneers. Ebony handle. Matching box veneers in butt sleeve. ivory inlays in forearm and butt sleeve. 3/8x10 joint pin. 1-12.9 mm shaft with Kamui ss tip. 18.55 ozs. $1600.00 DELIVERED IN...
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    Buckeye butterfly

    This is a used cue that I took back in on trade. 3 long points of buckeye burl Each point has blue white and blue veneers. 3 butterfly points of ebony each one has blue white and blue veneers 6 Ivory starburst in butt sleeve. Silver stitch ring work in all places. Ivory joint and...
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    Ironwood burl and ebony

    weekend bump to the top
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    What is the best technic on getting the bubles out of epoxy

    Warm the cue up first before applying a seal coat. Warm up the seal coat a little also. As the cue is cooling down apply the seal coat . Do the same with you finish also. I use 207 for this. It works good. No bubbles not even in purple heart. Let it set overnight Wet sand and...