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  • Shafts run $150.00 and up depending on what kind of tip you would like on it! I use Titan ferulles.

    Id have one of your cues and I wanted to get a second shaft for it. I wanted to know the price it would cost to get one done. What kind of ferrules and tips do you use for your cues? Id like to know for the future....

    Please get back to me at your earliest convenience.

    Thank you.

    Hello my name is DJ Burton. I recently purchased one of your cues from a friend and I have to tell you how ecstatic I am every time I pull it out of my case. The other players cant help but come up and ask me about it. Its absolutely amazing how precise the cue is to what i was wantin. Im a big fan of your work especially the intricate veneer work with the flamboyant colors. Your veneer work flies off the cue with clear color seperation that I havent seen from any other cue man. If your ever down towards the Rolla/St. Robert area, give me a shout. thanks and keep up the kick ass cue work.
    I hope you have a nice holiday season, I'm out sending my eletronic Christmas Card's* to my old & new friends(some people I really dont even know-yet) on AZB, Happy Holidays!!!! I am in the Christmas spearit this year!!


    *This is your card
    WOW that is one of the best here BEAUTIFUL
    we will be talking after the New Year if I did not live on disability we would not be waiting,1st Tommie,2nd Kevin Varney 3rd YOU!!! and I will own one
    Thank You for your artistry
    John Baker
    Hi Doug,

    I bought a cue a few months ago and after playing with it for awhile, I want to add some weight. Short story, I went to the local place, Len's Billiards in San Jose, but they did not have a bolt that fit. Can you tell me the thread size and any other pertinent information or sell a 1/2 oz. or 1 oz. bolt that I can install?

    Thank in advance,
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