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    Better stroke seems to have led to less effective force follow

    film yourself tip can be lot higher, look at carom players they are way high on the ball more important is to be level >>> get butt of cue lower, eliminate elevation
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    Machine Learning and statistics
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    Machine Learning and statistics

    just saw posting he is on to something nice
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    What does Team USA’s Mosconi Cup future look like?

    Dee Adkins one that is building with group of juniors
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    What does Team USA’s Mosconi Cup future look like?

    needs to hit back of the pocket more
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    Who would you like to see Josh Filler play next at 1-Pocket?

    same guy, different equipment, different bet
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    Niels "workout" video with Alex Lely

    dont remember what we did exactly for lower-level players different things of course , but in a session regardless the level of the player, what i will always try to give/demand in order to keep focus high: - targets (between 8-15 minutes) - shifting between different types of strokes (compact...
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    Filler Chohan instructional and highlights

    First time for is, this kind of production Sure it can and will be better but we enjoyed Doing it and we hope it will inspire many to pick up the game
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    Skype training with Alex Lely

    we are going to have a lot of time on our hands the coming period. make the most of it i say i have worked with many players online before, champions and recreational players. With Niels Feijen between 2013 and 2017, it works well contact through: be well...
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    Question about ball polish

    This is the situation I have recently set up two tales I tried to manufacture a ballcleaning machine, gave that up Now i clean the balls in warm water with bit of soap Then polish em with anti-static Now under the table i have an infra-red panel, to keep the table dry and running like brand...
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    Rt1000 Reintjes vs Lely 14th of octobre Rt1000 4k in the middle Hague5 Livestream:
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    Tournament chicago area weekend 21st

    Hi, Since i am going to be hanging around the Chicago area next week, is there any nice tournament in a 300-mile radius? Gr Alex
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    clinic in Des Moines by Alex Lely: may 19-21st
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    DCC room 2 nights Dutch Youngblood

    Derby City Classic: 18-year old bonafide youngblood from Netherlands in desperate need of a room from wednesday till friday. Help appreciated contact Alex @
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    Room sharing DCC Tim de Ruyter

    I am posting for a student of mine, national u21 champion Tim de Ruyter He is looking to share a room at DCC from 23 till 31st Anybody?