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  • Alex, I've never gotten a message like this before, and I only noticed it by chance. Please use PM in the future to communicate with me. I tried to reply once, but not sure I did it right.

    Path A is much tougher. Path B is best, but unless Ruslan's top priority is 14.1, Florida, which counts Thorsten Hohmann, Tony Crosby and Darren Appleton among its European transplants is a better choice. If you know any of them, I'd suggest making contact to discuss this. There is a decent regional tour in Florida and a decent amount of action. Several pros, Rodney Morris among them, practice ot of a room called Capone's in Spring Hill, Florida.

    As for finding a stakehorse, it seems every single one of them can be found at Derby City, contested every January in the Louisville area. If he's there, I'll do my part to point him in the right direction.

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