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    Gulyassy Sledgehammer

    Original Gulyassy Sledgehammer. I've bought this cue many years ago for a clubmate of mine, when I have had ordered some more stuff from a billiards shop in the U.S. Unfortunately my clubmate only made a few breaks, and decided then not to buy the cue because it's been too expensive for him...
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    Cue identifying - help appreciated

    Can someone help me identifying, what kinda cue this is? It is a 5/16-14 double joint, and I've never heard about or seen this thread...
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    Prayers to Seattle!

    It's unbelievable and I feel very sad, what happened in a high school near Seattle. :crying: Let's put our hands together and send some prayers to the families... ...and to the scholars, who are in hospital! I wish them health from overseas...
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    Millennium cue for sale

    Jim Davis Millennium Cue - BRAND NEW! A limited cue made for the Millennium change – only 100 were made. This is the world's famous number: 007 !!! Certification included! Forearm and butt Birdseye-Maple with 5 Ebony floating points (graining can be seen) and Ivory imitation inlays (couldn't...
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    The difference between Pool Pros and Amateurs

    Pool Pros... :killingme: ... and Amateurs! :rotflmao: Sorry, I just couldn't resist it! :rotflmao1::rotflmao1:
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    Falcon F-20 cue FOR SALE

    SOLD… …to a collector!
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    Ebony and ivory…

    …live together in perfect harmony… How do you like that? :rolleyes:
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    Kinister 1 hour workout

    Well, I've bought some of his DVD many years ago – and loved watching them (thanks Bert for being such an inspiration on your tapes). A very great guy from the US, who stayed here in Germany in 2007 for 6 months, came to our club for this period of time and we became friends! I gave the DVDs...
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    Ebony nose – guess the maker…

    Do you like that combination? Ebony – Snakewood – Ivory… After being identified :thumbup: (rest of the pics = scroll down)
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    Pool can be so hot…

    :bow-down: :yeah:
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    Pool can be so hot…

    …sorry, don't know how it happened, but it moved to the wrong section!
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    Need help identify an old Schon cue

    Hi, can someone help me identify this Schon cue? Please... Haven't found anything about this beauty! Thanks in advance, Chris
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    Something for Golf and Cue lovers...

    This is a Falcon F-20, which has spent his life in a display cabinet. Just testhit. No dings, scratches, dents or anything else. I have this cue for sale here in Germany. Just wanted to share this on AZ, if some Golfers love this design and may be interested in it...
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    Crazy Cocobolo Vollmer cue FS…

    I do have one real nice highly figured cocobolo 6-pointer with one ebony veneer (recut points – so Michael had to build 2x6 points) into pretty birdseye maple. The cocobolo is so pretty and colour changing - very unusual! Under the lights it looks more red, besides the table it looks almost...
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    Jim Baxter JP Family

    These are 5 of the 7 Sets I've got from Jim (1 has been sold with the BB, 1 has been for a clubmate). All are beautifully matching the cues and perfectly fitting the 5/16x14 joints. And the execution is flawless… great details and perfect finish! (what looks like marks on the JP's are just...