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  • Hi Plshrk,do you have any cocobolo forearm sw cue?
    Otherwise,do you have vx?If you use it ,Pls add my VX,My Vx no is 89308333.
    Will do.
    Just luck I checked my visitor messages. I did not get a notice.
    Hey friend I really lookin into upgrading to a sugar tree. I see you can get a hold of a plain jain . A new one at that. Hit me up if you get any more with that much flavor!
    Hi, I'm looking to reserve the #17 Alex Brick diamond wood, if it's available--I sent you a PM (I'm not sure if it went through).
    I just seen your JD cue for 400 and am very interested. That being said, im from fort collins so you dont have to worry about paypal or anything. Second...who are you? lol
    Hey, that's a helluva nice looking cue! He really does some nice work.

    How long did it take for you to receive it from the first time you got in touch with Eric?
    Looking forward to receiving my nice looking "Sneakiest Pete"
    I hope it hits as good as it looks! ;-)
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