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    Comment by 'poolcrazy' in album 'My Huebie'

    If you decide to sell it I can give you two names and numbers that would buy the cue. One in Vegas and Canada
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    Comment by 'poolcrazy' in album 'My Huebie'

    Yep he only sed that SJ logo for one year after that they had the regular Huebler made in USA logo
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    HUEBLER Cues Question

    Tom was Paul’s older brother he didn’t work with Paul
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    Is This a Huebler

    Not a Huebler
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    Huebler Cue

    Plenty on the Huebler cue fan page
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    The passing of Paul E. Huebler

    It is with a heavy heart to announce the passing of Paul E Huebler. He was not only a great Cue builder, and a very dear friend. Paul passed shortly after 1 pm on the 8th of June. Services will be held on Monday at the St. George Catholic Church 6:13 Main St., Linn MO viewing will be at 10 AM...
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    Early Helmstetter?

    Paul made 3 different joint styles for that cue
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    Hello everyone please be aware of this Craigslist listing IT IS A FAKE this cue and case were bought a few months back by a friend of mine, and I have checked the pics and they are the same here is the email I received back about the cue...
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    WTB Huebler Sneaky Pete

    Huebler Hustler cue I have one that I got from Paul, it was a special build it has a 3/8 10 pin, no insert only one ive ever seen, He also made a wooden pin shaft they were for his carom cues have a few Hustlers here give me a shout
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    Meucci first series of cues ?

    Who can tell me when the first series of cues was built by Bob Meucci, and the name of the series I was wondering if anyone really knew (THIS SHOULD BE GOOD)
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    Old Cue ID

    Hello Everyone ( This cue Isnt for sale) Here is a cue that was bought in the 60s in Chicago at a pool hall. I know it a converted Brunswick as it still has the 18 in the forearm, any ideas who would have done the conversion. The finish hasnt been redone, thats what it looked like when they got...
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    WTB Dealer Case or Cases

    Looking for Dealer Cases either 10x10, 12x 24 or 24x48 New or used im wanting them for storage so outter damage isnt that much of a issue, lt me know what you have
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    Paul E Huebler

    Hello AZ followers Happy New Year to everyone. I just wanted to let everyone know that I spoke with Paul Huebler today, He is staying in a assisted living (he told me he got tired of cooking) he sounded great, and we spoke about our last visit, and about a possible upcoming visit. He is in good...
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    Huebler Carom Cue

    Hello everyone im looking for a Huebler Carom cue These cues were built with a wooden pin not a stainless steel pin they didnt have a nylon insert, if anyone has one or has pics of one please contact me. I have Started a Huebler Cue Fan Page on Facebook, and also am looking for Pics of...
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    part of my collection

    large portion of my collection Almost complete only about 20 missing