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  • Hi Terry, a guy on here named Maxx told me you may have a couple of Huebler brown bumpers to sell. If you do, please contact me, I'd like to get 2 of them. 1 for my Hustler and 1 for my buddy's Jean Balukas (sp?) autographed cue.


    Nathan Brugmann
    Hi Terry. I met you the other night at Pop's Hideaway in Judsonia when you stopped in with your friend Joe King.
    I enjoyed meeting you and Joe and to put it mildly was quite impressed with your many talents.
    Look forward to seeing you again some time. Best wishes.
    Fred. Manager at Pop's.
    Hi, I'm trying to find the value of my Huebler. I'm not sure how to post pics, though. I started a thread in the main forum under cue value. Thanks, mitch
    thank you.
    but i am only looking for the JB cues with her signature, i asked jean if she had any tucked away for sale, she said no, just the few ones shes keeping
    Hey the paypal email is shawnawwb@yahoo.com and if your interested in buying cue as well we can sell you both case and cue for 350 plus shipping
    Hey terry i think we met at the fox and hound. Have you come across any joe childs or bill hoyt cues lately. You know how i like those arkansas cuemakers. Let me know if you see anything interesting!
    Hey terry have we met before. My name is Jay Winne, and I live in Little Rock. Thought I would friend you on here. Allright talk to you sometime.
    Sorry poolcrazy , don't send many messages or receive them , if you get 2 , my bad . The cue i'm about to post a picture of has essentially the same ferrule , you can see the shaft through the center of the ferrule on this cue , i can see the thin lip of the ferrule and it is a slip on type .Appreciate the offer to help , you maybe right , maybe the guy who ran his shop cut corners for a while.

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