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  • The "Milk Dud" tips are really good. The shipping was fast. The communication great. The price very, very fair. I put one of the tips on today and I couldn't get over how well it behaves. Draw and other spins were phenomenal and I broke with it several times and even jumped with it. Really good tip from a really fair and honest person. Thanks, Jeff.
    I purchased your tips and really like playing with them...but, the last few I had installed (Alex Brick) have been mushy. By this I mean when I push my fingernail in the side of the tip, the nail sinks in and the tip expands. When this happens the tips looses all its favorable characteristics.

    When the new tip is installed, I just start playing with it. Should I be breaking it in by hitting several hard shots or what?
    @Stephanie , you wont be dissapointed , fast shipper and great tips , all i use , u can play with break with jump with and still keeps shape ....
    Hey. I am new to AzBilliards. One of the first things I came across were posts regarding your milk dud tips. Sounds great and I have never tried milk duds. Want to give them a shot, and everyone loves yours. Can you give me purchase info please?


    Ok, I have to try your milk duds. I just spent too much time reading rave reviews. :) Can you please send me your Paypal address and let me know how much for 5?

    Hi Pooldawg - new here to the forum and wanted to know if I could buy just one of the milk duds to try? Everything leads to you.
    Thanks, Barry -- jobear15@sbcglobal.net
    Hey Buddy
    How you been? Can you tell me how to post a cue on the Forum as well as how to Bump it to the top after a few days?
    I'd like to purchase 5 of those Milk Dud tips from you. What do you need me to do? My email address is gopats2323@yahoo.com

    Can you email me the price of your milkdud tips please? I've been wanting to try them and from what I been reading yours are the one to go with. Thank you
    Thanks, Jeff

    For all to consider. Because of USPS delivery screwups, problems developed that required much time, effort and cost to resolve. Jeff took care of business 100% + to see that I received the products promptly at no inconvenience to me. I only wish he were a vendor for many other products. Superior service, attitude, communications and expediting. I"LL be back.

    Hi Jeff,

    I just finished putting on the tips that you sent me for Mickey Carroll.
    You make nice tips. They machined well and hit nice. No wonder Mickey
    wanted these tips.

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that they arrived and are on his shafts.

    I hope you have a Happy Holiday Season,
    Barry Szamboti
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