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  • I am interested in trying out your milk duds. I would like 5 tips. My E-mail is Mpicciotti@hotmail.com
    How do we do business?
    Michael J Picciotti
    Thanks for the greenie Jeff. I sure am happy to see how my upcoming Murrell cue looks like. Hope you're well too my friend. Unfortunately I need to spread more greens that's why I posted here instead lol.
    Been trying to pull off a certain masse shot from The Hustler for 30 years. Always just missed it. Did it on the first try with your Milk Dud! Goodbye Moori, there's only room for one tip on my player!
    Was just curious if you had some milkduds available... Looking at getting a few early part of next week. Thanks in advance.

    Hey Jeff - just an FYI because I know you like Jerry's cues a lot, but I have an ebony 4 pointer listed for sale here. Check it out when you get a chance. Hope all is well with you and the family!

    Ron F
    Also you can email me at donnie-foster@hotmail.com I'm excited about trying your tips sounds like just what I'm looking for iv ordered a new cue so want to try new tips to find the right one Just let me your price I'm curlydon on az
    Hey pooldawg are you jeff and do you have any of your milk duds for sale? if so contact me via txt 3183669117 thanks iv heard good things about the tips you have so wanted to try some thanks
    OK let me try again,
    Jeff, just got around to putting your tip on one of the shafts for my old Palmer. I LOVE IT!!
    Do you have 3 more at that price? Let me know, I want more for stock.
    Hey Jeff,

    To date, your milk dud has been on my Meucci, Tiger, and recently I took down the LePro on my Diveney in favor of your milk dud.

    One of my friends also took down the Molavia from his Bender and slapped on the Milk Dud. He's a believer now too. Monday he took my last one and put it on his Schon.

    Keep up the good work!
    Obama inspired by Hank is now charging 95-cents plus tax for bottled water at The White House.
    He feels that will turn the economy around by election time.
    Thanks for the nice word about my Gilbert cue,that and my Ebony SW are my all time favorite cues I have owned.
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