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  • I left some messages ,contacted all I knew who were having cues made- The kid surprized me and answered the ph late. spoke for 3 hrs- he's weak like 160 he was 300 before- he just needed some piece of mind,a mental break from az and is working to catch up. I knew he was sick,and went for a Hospital stay- but he left me out of the loop too. I feel better today. thanks- thanks thanks Mark god bless
    Well he isn't dead if you 've seen him. please send me the account info to the cat stuff please. Does he look too ill to be working,thanks. Yes I invested lots of wood,shipping costs and 2 Titlists . We used to talk , he talked about an illness- I'm sure feeling ****ed- I have called left messages 0- then knowthing-mark
    i look at them tomarrow and see which one i was refering too, i didnt have time today, you had a few real good ones, one i really liked, i will check and tell you-it might be the weekend,


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