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    New condition 4-pt Tim Scruggs

    Bought this from Bushwhacker through AZ back in 2008 new. Maple forearm with 4 rosewood points. 4 veneers natural, green, orange, black (out to in) Rosewood butt sleeve with Hoppe style ring above the TS logo. White with green spec irish linen wrap. Stainless steel 5/15-14 piloted joint...
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    One of a kind RAT hustler FS

    Beautiful RAT hustler cue up for sale Made in 2008, started from a late 80's valley one piece Purpleheart/maple 2 shafts, featuring ivory ferrules and Everest medium tips Butt weight 15.4 oz Shaft 1 - 3.8 oz 13.05mm tip, with slight use Shaft 2 - 3.8 oz 13.10mm tip, new unhit Ivory flat face...
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    Wrapless Blugrass for sale

    Bluegrass cue by Richard Harris Ebony forearm and sleeve - maple handle 15.6 oz butt 2 shafts - 3.8oz each Micarta ferrules and original 13mm tips. Almost no usage at all Original ebony joint caps Cue is in new to mint condition, and was originally acquired from Lenoxmjs here on AZ Final price...
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    Zero haliburton 2x4 f/s

    Rare Zero Haliburton aluminum 2x4 cue case for sale 36" x 10.5" x 4.5" No dents and in near new shape, never traveled with Cut foam insert for 2 butts up to 31" - and 4 shafts up to 30" Little bit of tan chalk dust, but very minimal Combo and key locks work perfectly SOLD - Paypal or cashier...
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    Rat custom conversion F/S

    Mixed feelings about selling this one....but I am trying to build a budget for a fancier custom from Ryan. Played maybe 10-15 racks, all with tan chalk. Rolls nice and straight together and apart, solid 98% condition. 2008 Rat custom conversion from a 1995 Valley cocobolo house cue. 58"length...
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    Leather Instroke 3x7 FS

    SOLD -Thanks for looking!
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    New Porper Leather 4x8 Case FS

    Withdrawn - thanks!
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    Tactical Chalker Giveaway!!

    The first 5 AZBers who correctly identify the makers of these 6 cues, will win one of my custom chalkers in the colors of their!! A couple of these cues are easy, some not so much, but they are all from custom shops, no backyard conversions, (or Wheatbucks for that matter!!) Good...
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    Tactical Chalker summer sale!

    I have 5 chalkers left from my current batch, all with 8-ball beads at the top. Summer sale prices of $10 each, and free shipping in U.S. GRAY / PURPLE CAMO $10 ORANGE / BLACK ZIG-ZAG $10 YELLOW / BLACK ZIG-ZAG $10 COYOTE TAN / OLIVE GREEN SOLD BLUE / BLACK $10 These are custom, hand...
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    FS: Bud Light cloth for 7' bar box

    New Bud Light cloth for 7' bar box. Bed & rails new and never installed. Printed on Championship Mercury Ultra. SOLD!! Free shipping in U.S. [/IMG]
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    Tactical Chalker Winners!

    Thanks to those who participated in my contest! There were many good, compelling arguments. I am impressed, and frankly somewhat disturbed, by some of our posters out there!:grin: It was a close contest, so I am giving away 3 chalkers instead of 2. And the winners are.... TATE Banks...
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    Tactical Chalker giveaway!!

    Looking to give away 2 of my new chalk holders. Whichever 2 people here on AZB give me the most convincing argument as to why they deserve a chalk holder, will get one. All that I ask is that they use them, and give me some honest feedback on them. Click the link to take a look at them. 2...
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    Teaser..more clues to come

    ?????????????????????????????????????? [/IMG] [/IMG]
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    New style of pocket chalk holder F/S New, durable and great looking pocket chalk holders for sale! Won't slip out of your pocket, or stab you like plastic and aluminum versions! I make them myself, so you get your choice of any 2 colors that I have available. AZB special - $13 each shipped in...
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    nothing to see here....

    unless you want a really cool pocket chalk holder.... [/IMG]