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    Greatest Left Handed Players Ever?

    Dennis "The Hatchet Man" Hatch
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    Truth about winning

    I think Buddy Hall said it best.."If you do everything right, winning takes care of itself ".
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    Best Moves for a Hustler To Use

    Here's a decent move...any player you face, have an agreement to pay after each game...try and win the first 3 games...if it looks good or lucky, it doesn't matter..then during this time tell your opponent that in order to make it fair that neither of you can just quit, you must play 3 games to...
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    Porper model B question

    Thanks to everyone that replied
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    Porper model B question

    Youtube? What's that?
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    Porper model b...

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    Porper model b...

    Hi, I posted in the machine section and got no replies so I am trying here..I recently got a Porper model B lathe and having trouble figuring out how to engage/setup the taper bars...if anyone has any advice or suggestions and/or could point me to where I could find any information about its...
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    Porper model B question

    Hello fellow Az'ers..I recently acquired a model B lathe and am not sure how to operate the taper bars...I have exhausted my search and am here hoping someone can provide me with some instructions on how to operate the taper far it seems to just follow the rails, even with the...
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    💡The BEST pool advice I've ever received was...

    Bill Cress shared many words of wisdom across the years but on that stuck with me was..."you're only as good as the ball in front of you "
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    Porper Model B

    Where are you located
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    FS: 2 Little Al Romero Sneaky Petes

    Is the second one sold
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    Blue book of Pool Cues...3rd Ed.

    ...... ............sold..............
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    Sterling hand held tenon/tip tool

    I have a Sterling tenon/tip tool for sale, I used it for awhile with great results, but have'nt used it in about 5 years...It is built to last forever and needs a new home. I'm providing a link to a site that sells them below for added information. I am asking $70 OBO...
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    Super sweet Diveney.....