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    Revo 11.8 or 12.4?

    Well, on any shaft, which is extremley stiff- no matter if we talk about wooden or carbon shafts it helps for sure to have a tip which has a really good grip- and which furthermore keeps its elastic really good. From my expirience Zan and also G2 are superb in this direction. As soon as you go...
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    Revo 11.8 or 12.4?

    Hey Mirza, 12,4 and/or 11.8 are very similar if we talk about the "handling" ( for the bridgehand- taper feels very identical for closed bridges). Deflection is of course different- but not as much as many think. Imo you will "see" and "feel" the difference as soon as you will use really high...
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    Physical Therapy For The Back

    Fran s advice is the one and only- meeting a physio therapist is necessary and important ( good that you made it). As you can see clearly, usually every of the professionals nowadays are working out daily. For sure not because it s fun :-) it s absolutley necessary, because pool is "brutal"...
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    Great champion level players who said that they never did any drills?

    Good point, to get these "best players" out of their comfort zone- that s what its about imo. To have competion is necessary- and being alone at the table challenging drills will give kind of competition, too.
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    Its better to be lucky than good:)

    Typical "2-Way Shot" and the correct solution :-)
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    No jump cue allowed

    Hey JV :-) for me personally i don t see this discussion- just shared my personal opinion. I think about myself, that I am a very expirienced *kick shot* player far above average- I m also able to jump well enough- everything from 1/2 a ball away from cb is not really a problem ( with...
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    No jump cue allowed

    Nowadays the industry makes much money by selling jump cues- that s the main problem now. I don t see that they will disappear somewhen- for some it might look spectacular- but imo it really takes away skills. But you cannot blame the players- if its allowed, you NEED to learn it and use it-...
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    Best bank pool instructor

    Banking with the Beard from Freddie is a "must read" in your arsenal. tons of necessary knowledge. extremly well written treasure of knowledge.
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    Fractional aiming and required accuracy

    Very well written posting pal! Especially the last sentences i really liked how you described it :) Many ways can "lead" you to a succesful way to master the game- And if we re talking about quarter system, you ve chosen wise words. have a nice day and happy thanks giving. "The width of the...
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    straight pool money match to 1000 points

    Hi folks, for the 14.1 lovers- big money match running in Netherlands in the Hague. Alex Lely vs Christoph Reintjes Race to 1000 here the link to the current live stream- enjoy.
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    Money Match to 1.000 points Lely-Reintjes

    Hi folks, for the 14.1 lovers- big money match running in Netherlands in the Hague. Alex Lely vs Christoph Reintjes Race to 1000 here the link to the current live stream- enjoy. best from overseas. have a smooth stroke.
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    General info about Ekkes/Release for "Samba"

    Hi everyone, have had contact with several guys who asked me if i have a clue about Ekkes. I had a short talk with him today to ask "how its going" with him. Ekkes is still struggling a bit with his health and still having a hard time ( will not get into details about it here). So that means...
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    In Progress: Matched Set Thuya Burl

    Hi everyone, longer ago my friend Silvio Zugec from austria showed me a nice pic of beautiful "thuya burl"- and sent him immediatley the order :-) The first *wedding photograph* of the unfinished set- i m really excited-can t wait to get em :thumbup:
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    "Train the Trainers" Camp in Praha, Czech Republic Jan, 2014

    Just arrived home from Praha (czech republic). Stayed there for some days to instruct upcoming instructors of the 2 countries czech republic as well as from slovakia. Their official federation CMBS asked me to help to develope their first official instructor program to build a solid foundation...