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    What do you prefer to break with? Heavy or light?

    Your "idea" is sure not stupid :-) But... The idea for a breakin cue is, (should be, better said), to be a bit more efficient. For example that a better energy transfer would help to get a better result by using the same break speed. And of course, to not "ruin" your tip of your playing...
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    CTE automatically corrects stroke issues

    LOL :-) one of my favourite sentences during lessons :-p
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    CTE automatically corrects stroke issues

    i m pretty sure, that a very big amount of "silent readers" have the necessary knowledge. The most just keep nowadays away from posting or responding themselves because of "some stupid cyber wars". I kept myself also away for a longer time. It s anyway hard to understand ( ofc just for me :-) )...
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    CTE automatically corrects stroke issues

    Wise words- as soon the conditions/circumstances change, variables which have effect also change- so it s not "really" possible to control everything. To many variables to be able to control everything. Finally also a "robot" with a perfect stroke would miss at some point.
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    Where is the CB going

    I for myself find it sometimes entertaining, how less knowledge is around in *some cases". Even if they are around for decades with playing pool. Just using different speed on the CB changes the aimpoint dramatically- how thin you hit the OB, how thick you hit the OB-- everything has an effect...
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    The PAUSE in pool stroke

    Everyone has to work out something, what fits with his eye-pattern-- to finally being able to give himself "the go". The stop at the cueball ( PONR = Point of no return) is really important- because here YOU decide if you commit....or you have one of these stupid 2nd thoughts in your head :-)...
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    The PAUSE in pool stroke

    wise words- the quite eye stuff is essential in my opinion.
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    Confusion!.......Spin the Cue ball or Center Cue ball MOSTLY?

    @Topic Of course you need to both sides- and you have to master both things. @Poolmanis: I see it the same way- And I usually always use the "original" wagonwheel stuff ( and to use it just, as Ted Brown explained how to use it !!) , because imo this is a real eye opener for everyone- as soon...
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    If you don't use the ghost ball or contact point as reference or fractional

    Joey: Even if I am maybe goin off-topic; From my expirience (and therefore ofc my own opinion based on expirience), many students/players are using stuff without being able to explain it really. Visualisation is the most powerful skill you need ( of course next to be able to send Whitey from A...
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    Anyone using TOI?

    TOI= using knowledge about deflection. That s it.
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    If you don't use the ghost ball or contact point as reference or fractional

    I use the Ghost Ball just at for example a very first lesson- Personally the Ghostball i use as a helper for caroms, position play ( tangent-line etc) - And.... also as a reference for the "overall perception" for a shot, before i go down. It s just a part from all. I never aim at a ghost ball...
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    Carbon Fiber Shaft Poll

    Consistency has to be worked out with every shaft.
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    Tip diameter

    You re absolutely right Brian- As long as you have exactly the same shape you ll have very similar results. Imo you ll feel usually differences as soon as you re going extremely far outside (near the the zone where you would be close to scratch). the 12.5 version is much more "forgiving" as the...
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    US Open aiming system

    If someone s really *looking* at the contact point- or if he just trying to burn in the "shot picture". Who cares. ( ok, stupid, lol-- many care about it^^) Imo the player who s able to start each shot using the same perspective as he did thousands of times in practice will take the most...
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    Cue upright while sighting and getting into stance.

    Exactly- someone has to learn "being comfortable being uncomfortable!". To say it with the words of the great Ken Ravizza :-) R.i.P. Ken.