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    Fat guy stroke issue.

    First you have tof find out, "why" you don t see the "real center". Sometimes ppl are really just "lazy"- but in most cases it s an parallax error. It can be fixed- but it will be a stony and tough time and it can take a long time. (and really frustrating, too). It s kind of re-programming the...
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    It’s my bday 12/29

    Happy birthday my friend from overseas :-) Good to see, that you feel "to play again" more pool. Quality time for sure, because you want it ^^ take care buddy, Ingo
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    I've spent way too much time perfecting my fundamentals...Don't be like me.

    You don t need to take this word "pause" too serious- it s not about how long a pause is: It is just about a smooth transition from back to forward. So you finally don t "rush" during the transition. ( rushing anyway sth you don t want- not backwards and not forward :-) ). Look at Niels...
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    Chris Reinhold "Frozen ball goes in easier with thicker hit?"

    The key is always to hit the CB and the OB perfectly. That s always the problem. The advice "there is no rail" is not so bad. What is really critical is the speed. If you shoot with too slow speed you ll always force the OB to run into the rail. I would say that missing such shots is extemly...
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    The new 'Holy Grail' of aiming.................

    you "could" use a laser for several stuff in giving instructions- problem is the laser itself- there is no laser, which could not hurt your eyes. i searched a long time for sth like that- or a similar thing. unfortunatley nothing, wjhich would not be too dangerous. the "ad" itself- well. don...
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    Would you use... ?

    Exactly- everyone need to learn to handle it. If you practice alone usually ppl wear it to get not disturbed by outer circumstances. Maybe also to block out sth what teasing them etc.- but i m sure, that everyone deep inside knows, that they have to learn to deal with it.... but instead of...
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    Practice Halfball Shots Using Fractional Aiming With a Road Map

    Had 2 students a few ago-- strong 100 ball runners- so potting not really a problem for those young guns, lol. Showed them the half ball stuff (when cb/ob pointing to middle foot rail diamond and ob on the 40 line). Both really appreciated it- just for these *pressure moments* this is a nice...
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    Mental Game - (long) The role of aiming systems in peak performance.

    Nice words full of iron my friend! All you ve written are based what Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Nideffer came out with, when they started to work on studying the "Flow" and reaching peak performance and how to reach it. Later on imo Ravizza went to another stage using this stuff- and puttin it...
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    Practice Halfball Shots Using Fractional Aiming With a Road Map

    While i m gettin myself out of the well known *cyber war about aiming*- I ll get my 2 cents about the "half-ball topic" from my expirience. As my eyes gettin worse and worse- i tried to compensate it however- with which method ever, to still have some fun at the table. And ofc while...
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    Specs on Shane Van Boening's Cues

    "You can t buy a stroke'" unfortunatley a fact :-p
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    Hitting 1/2 Tip to the Left on Center Ball Shots, Should I Fix My Stroke or Adapt?

    Let someone video you from the front and back- should be easy to see, if you pull your cue not straight back. Had several students with this issue. This is tough to fix on your own-
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    Your best playing production cue

    Mezz and Pechauer. Extremeley high quality standard. Absolutley Top Notch stuff! Stamboulini ( end of 80 s) was also a fine cue.
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    Are there any books with 8 ball patterns?

    Amen- Excellent answer!
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    Busti talks about aiming

    Well, to discuss how you can eliminate some "gearing, throw" effects is one thing. But I personally recommend to each of my students that they should practice *pure potting* without any english- especially also, to show em, that a good "pocket speed" is the key- so if you aim at center pocket...
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    2022 AZ Billiards Straight Pool Challenge!

    6th of june: 102 First 100+ in a very looong time.