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  • Hi reverend, was from a very VERY old post, but curious if you still have access to decals. I have a GC and want the Tournament Brunswick, an Aramith and a Simonis. Like to see them and also know the cost. Thanks. Greg. south Florida.
    I hope you don’t mind me messaging you. Your profile name is on the mechanic thread. I live close to Beaumont, Texas and was wondering if you ever work on tables in this area. Thanks. Charles
    Aloha, I will be watching a set up of g.c. at my hall and want to ensure quality work. what should I look out for and what questions should I ask.
    Hello, I was just going back to the post in 2009 about the Brunswick, Simonis, Aramith decals. Anyway, I have a Mahogony GC4 and would love for you to make me a set of stickers if you are willing!!! Looking Forward To Your Response! Thanks, Fast Davie
    Reverend, just wanted to follow up and ask about the Brunswick Decals, don't know if you got my PM or not.
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