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  • Really? thats great hun tell him Congrats proud of him... hope he gets his game back soon... sounds like he already did good luck in his next tournament
    hey robley, how have you been? i hope your are doing well. nice to hear from you, hopefully i will see u soon. have you been in any good action lately?
    hello there, i too am sorry for the late reply. happy holidays to you, i havent been spending much time here and didnt see your message. have a great 2013 and please keep in touch hope to see you this year! :) best eric
    I know stevie moore is flying, he arrives in minot at 4pm on april 18th. And joey A is going to fly into fargo and go checkout mike at fargo billiards then ridedown with mike to the tournament. Minot is the closest. If u do fly let me know so we can have someone up there to pick u up. I thought u were coming with ray?
    yes i was happy too meet someone in vegas from AZB yes i wish we had played win or lose it would have been fun ^^ we will meet again i.m sure

    Best Wishs Robley AKA *AZB Horse 2010*
    Hey Robley, I was happy to run into ya at the APA NTC in Vegas. Wish we'd had time to play some. Maybe next time.
    For your nickname, how about Robley the Nailer.

    Whenever the commentators pronounced your name as Rob Lee, I kept thinking of Bob the Nailer.

    Cool books, btw.

    Bob Lee Swagger (also known as Bob the Nailer) is a fictional character created by Stephen Hunter. He is the protagonist in a series of books that relate his life after and during the Vietnam War - Point of Impact, Black Light, Time to Hunt, The 47th Samurai, and Night of Thunder. He is also the protagonist of the film Shooter (based on Point of Impact).
    I like it personally. Ask the boys yoru going with. I was wrong on the definition btw...Kelvin is a scale for heat but you could always turn up teh heat ;-)
    i really never thought about geting a nickname :p i was born in cali an i won a big tournament 5 years ago an they called me the callifornia kid lol but meh not sure
    Just trying to make up a pool name for ya.

    Whatca think about Kelvin Elvin??? Kelvin is a measurement ofVERY VERY high and intense degree of heat if you didnt know that....
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