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  • I have a new Billiard News with your picture and article about you in it. I need an email address to send you a copy.
    Good luck with your 10 ball break, I wish I could offer you some advice, but my 10B break is horrible, just horrible. Some guys have it figured out to a degree but not like the 9B break, when ever the balls are in a triangle 3,6,10,15 its awalys very hard to make a ball on the break hitting the head ball.

    when your playing 8 ball and you have 15 on the table hitting the 2nd ball works for making balls, but in 10B thats a foul cause its not the 1.

    good luck

    Hey Jesse, thanks for the offer! But it'll be a while before I'll get another Zinzolla cue.

    Take care
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