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  • Hi Rodger
    I’m trying to contact heinosuke1 about purchasing a cue from him. I see that he is on your friend list .
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Please contact me at my email address. I am very interested in the cue, and would like to know what you are asking.

    Kind regards,
    Hi Rodger,

    Please contact me at: concerning the Webb cue.

    Thank you for selling me the McDermott Rose cue and the case today. I absolutely love them. On Monday I'm going to send it to McDermott to have a leather wrap put on it. I noticed there's a slight roll to the cue. Do you think that would be something with the joint or just the age of the shaft. Do you think they could taper down the ferrule to remove the small scratches or would I be better off just having them replace the ferrule and tip?
    Would like to see some pictures and spec's, if your talking even trade. Send them to my email below.
    Thanks, Rodger
    I would be interested in the Onley. Have a Schon LTD *SP-49 cue to trade if interested.
    asking about picture 8 on mcdermotts page, first cue that has b/g/o veneers is it for sale
    Hi Rodger. Thanks for the info. If you would sell the purple heart one for $600.00, I will buy it.

    Thanks Glenn
    Hi Rodcar, I bought a D16 from you 2-3 years ago, really loved that cue, ended up selling later. Regret selling it. I don't remember if I've already contacted you to check if you still have that other D16 FS?
    Please let me know. Also what other B C or D series cues from McD are available FS.
    I've also noticed that you posted couple of Tim Scruggs sometime back, do you have any still available?
    do you have a Predator uni-loc fat shaft? if so , please tell me how much.
    Kevin Lyons
    A catalog is a hard find. If you need to know a model number, I can probably help with that.
    Greetings. You mentioned in one of your posts that you own a few Helmstetters. I have a couple myself, both from the 86 series, and am trying to get some more information about them. Would you be able to point me in the direction of any place where I might find a Helmstetter catalog? I have had one for a long time and the other is a recent acquisition. They play great and any info that might lead me to find out more about them would be greatly appreciated. With best regards..
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