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  • Still available, think I know which one you want. I'm 40 miles West of Green Bay. Have a son that lives in Madison. The Brass Ring is the place to play there now. Contact me by PM or email,
    Have a friend who is interested in Huebler if still for sale. PM me with info that I can pass along to him. Phone number is best, e-mail ok. Where in WI are you from, I am from the Monroe area, live in Reno now. I shot a lot of pool around Madison and Platteville in the '80s.
    What is the lowest you would go on the ebony bacote jacoby custom with the additional hybrid shaft? Btw, I am still very much enjoying the rosewood cue I got from you recently as well.

    i whould have pick it up if i was on here when you where sellin it come on how much you want for it
    HEY rodcar, just wonderin if you had a bludworth for sale. i m looking for one, and i am from mn, and maybe could meet you or somethin. let me know. thanks
    Cue weight is 18.8 oz. Standard length - 58" with 13 mm tip and phenolic joint of 3/8x10.
    Thanks, Rodger
    Was wondering if you had those pics or if you would be interested in the set for $1900.00 shipped or ill meet you half way I think you said you go to appleton I would be up to the drive. Well let me know.
    Hey its bobby i just posted on forum with three cues I would like to move so let me know if you have any offers for you shoot me some cues you might offer if you want schon's are decent I do like no wraps like I said so yeah let me know.
    Bobby P
    i cant seem to PM i dnt think i have enough posts or something . It wont allow me too. BUt you can email me at intrested in the one second from the top , the 3rd and the 5th one
    Would rather you PM me with info. on which one you may be interested in.
    Thanks, Rodger
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