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  • Contact the owner of Pete’s Billiards in San Antonio and when you get a contact number send me a message. Pete refereed me to him when I was looking for a butterfly cue but I never followed up. I live right outside of San Antonio.
    Jay. Hope you are doing well and shooting straight. I'm in the early stages of putting on a large venue tournament and would like to pick your experienced brain. When's a good time to chat?
    Hey Jay
    This is Ray Martin read somewhere that you spoke to fat boy little while ago, can you help with a contact .
    Thank you
    FYI, just got this from Luke.....

    Luke Riches <luke.riches@matchroom.com>
    Thu 4/11/2019 8:06 AM

    This is already in hand.

    I won’t be at the US Open as I’m leaving Matchroom after many years of service.

    Best wishes


    Commercial Director
    Fan-tum, not sure who that is. I was in that room in the late 60's but that description doesn't ring a bell. I just remember playing with "Frisco" Dave Piona.
    Jay, I'm starting with the logical choice. Looking for name or history, anything of the man who ran the nice room on the main drag in Alameda in the '60's. About 5'6, looked Mediteranean.
    I later saw him as Mosconi's mouthpiece at an exhibition.
    Merry Christmas! Always enjoy your posts Jay, just wanted to wish you well over the holidays, hope your getting some action, and a nice spot :)
    Hope 2019 is great for you, see you on the forums
    It was in the thread on the last day of MC. It was the one where someone was saying team Europe was taking a dive (something to that effect). The thread got shut down after a lot of people call the OP out.
    Life's good here Ray. I have a wonderful Filipina wife who takes good care of me. The third time's the charm in my case. I'm 74 now but everyone thinks I look 60. I tell them my secret is never doing drugs, drinking or smoking. So many of our peers succumbed because of these vices as you well know.
    Thanks for the memories Jay I was 36 the next World was 39 and the next was 43. And how is you life going?
    Jay, I found a Gold Crown for $1,500 that I am intetested in. That's realllly low, so I am suspicious. It's disassembled so I can't test hit it. Should I run away?
    Hi Jay, you once had a post offering back issues of Billiards Digest. I am looking for Nov 2003 issue. Would have have one?
    You're the worst commentator I've ever heard and you beat Alvin Nelson by one point. Quit being a nut hugger to Dennis Orcollo and take a breath once in a while when in the booth. Your opinion of yourself is highly overrated.
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