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  • Hey buddy i still have that old sneaky that's my baby...if you ever get back up this way please stop by! good luck with your new cue thanks, again Sly.
    Hi.... send me your email address and I'll try and get the pics out today!. Cue is 99%, no dings, dents etc. Looks unplayed.
    Its cold here, i'm in Munich, its great I have lots of friends here and like it alot-except the cold.

    The Fatboy Challenge is full up 16 players, What blows is I might not be able to go to the Derby this year, I have lost of things going on and its doubtful I can make it, it will be a last minute decision. I sure would like to do more for pool than just that, but I'm on a cold roll the past 3 years, soon as I'm back in the chips again-I'm really gonna promote the "Fatboy" brand, if its ever profitable, I'm going to roll the profit back into pool. I will never use any profit to pay my bills. nobody has ever done that for pool, I plan on being the first and with that mentality "Fatboy" the brand should do alot for pool, Eric P will be the same guy. I just want to do something for pool, like some successful people do for their college they went to. I learned lots at the pool room, it made me who I am to a large extent.
    i will get you some cue pics, i'm going to release some pics, feel free to call me anytime, i'm in europe right now, but I'm back in a week, happy new years,

    eric :)
    pleasure talking to you,

    my email is

    my very best
    I will get some pictures up. This cue could use a refinish, but it plays like a dream. It has seen several racks in it's lifetime. :)

    Now to figure out how to post pics here on AZ...I'm new to the AZ Community, but I have been a lurker for years.
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