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    Please help out a pool legend

    Donated and shared! I was super fortunate to meet a lot of people at the DCCs I attended. I met Danny D, Grady, Squirrel Carpenter, Jeanette Lee, and many more across the two DCCs I attended. Danny D has been great to listen to and definitely deserves our support.
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    100 Ball Runners - FargoRate

    I know a few guys near me that have run 100+ and I feel I'm the favorite in 9-ball against at least one of them. My guess is that at least one other has a FargoRate around 640 (he doesn't have many tournament results) and another has his listed at 635 with 1000+ robustness. Going back and...
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    100 Ball Runners - FargoRate

    For those of you who have run 100 balls, I'm curious to what your FargoRate is. I'm right around 600 Fargo and my high run is 59. I'm curious if there are many around my Fargo with 100 ball runs or not.
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    2021 AZ Billiards Straight Pool Challenge!

    28 + 8 = 36 for me in March on a loose 8-footer. I need to play more 14.1. I've been practicing on a 9' Pro Cut Diamond with worn cloth and it's tougher than one with new cloth for sure, but it's definitely improving my accuracy. Just need to work a ton on positions and patterns.
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    Fargorate questions

    Come on man, you're a solid 528!
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    The GOAT vs. the Ghost.. rotation.....................

    Yes, I re-watched and he didn't skip the 9-ball. Oops on my part.
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    The GOAT vs. the Ghost.. rotation.....................

    I noticed he skipped the 9-ball in a few racks. Can anyone tell me why this is?
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    “Capture The Flag” pool game

    I'd like to see a video overview/gameplay of this game.
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    Which players have you tried to "emulate"?

    I used almost exclusively closed bridge before watching Karen Corr. Now I use almost exclusively open. If I'm in a strange bridging situation, I might use closed, but otherwise I use open. For example, I played a friend bar box 8-ball for about 5 hours on Saturday and only remember using a...
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    Which players have you tried to "emulate"?

    Early on, I watched a lot of ESPN and changed my bridge from closed to open after watching Karen Corr.
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    Gambling Adjustment

    In the One Pocket game, we've played pretty even, but in this particular session, he won the first game and I won the next 5 due to him selling out more than me playing well. I think going from even to 9-7 is a bit out of line. Maybe 8-7, but maybe 9-7 seems like a large adjustment right off...
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    Gambling Adjustment

    I also wanted to add, that in my experience, if I adjust somehow, like giving up the 8-ball playing 9-ball, it sometimes boosts the other player's confidence and they start playing much better. So now, I may be on the losing side. Should I ask to go back to playing even? I'm not a hardcore...
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    Gambling Adjustment

    Hi all! I'm sure we've discussed this in the past, but now with the age of the Internet and FargoRate, maybe things are a little different. When you're gambling and if you're winning or losing, how and when do you adjust if at all? For example, let's say I'm playing a roughly even opponent...
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    Endless Summer Nights

    This is the first time I've seen this video. What do you think about this moment 3:10 into it?
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    Efren's Shirt Size

    Efren will be in town next week and I was hoping to get either a t-shirt or polo shirt made for him. Does anyone here know what shirt size he wears? My guess is a Large would be safe.