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    2021 AZ Billiards Straight Pool Challenge!

    Bested my high run this year. Ran 41 in league but still lost the match.
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    2021 AZ Billiards Straight Pool Challenge!

    I play in a straight pool league on 8 foot tables that has pockets that are cut a little funny (balls hang quite often, but not because the pockets are that tight). I've been struggling a bit to get into the groove, but I feel I've playing a bit better. The division I'm in has all great...
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    Back Pocket 9-Ball Finals

    Grady Matthews versus Mike Gulyassy came up on my feed today. Here's a really nice shot from Grady: Anyone play this game today?
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    Endless Summer Nights

    I didn't want to make a new thread, but I noticed a billiard table in Michael Jackson's Beat It video...
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    I do think it makes a difference. A 2x4 Acme case by itself has a decent amount of protection for two cues. This may not be the case for a 4x8 or something similar. The difference is the amount cue mass vs padding and case mass. More cues are going to bang around with less protection. My...
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    JB cases are amazing quality. I had an Instroke for years. That said, I bought an Acme because I was at the store and it was the only thing I could find that looked worth buying. I bought a 2x4 and I honestly believe it will protect my cues fine through most normal circumstances. I think a...
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    How much is the most you would pay to play in a Pool Tournment.

    For me, in general... $10-$20 - For a local, weekly tournament $50-$100 - For a monthly, regional tournament $150-$250 - For a National tournament I suppose I might go up to $500 if it was a very special event. I'd only have an okay chance at cashing in the first two categories though.
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    2021 AZ Billiards Straight Pool Challenge!

    Very nice! Did you know you had hit 100 and just got nervous?
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    Using the bridge to make a bridge

    I saw this little gem today. Corey uses the mechanical bridge to stabilize his bridge hand. Has anyone seen this done anywhere else? Is it legal?
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    Basic question,

    In general, the object ball. Why? So when you've completed the shot, you know whether or not you hit the object ball where and how you wanted to. If you're practicing or don't trust where you're hitting the cue ball, that's when I would look at the cue ball last. It might be worth it to look...
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    Why do pros do bar box tournaments? Serious reply's only

    I'm pretty sure CSI put on a pro 10-ball and 8-ball tournament on Diamond Bar Boxes. 8-ball is a much more difficult game on a bar box for sure. White Diamonds tournament is also a huge money tournament played on bar boxes.
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    Why do pros do bar box tournaments? Serious reply's only

    I think this puts into perspective how much a 100+ point difference in FargoRate can be.
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    What was the first time you realized you’re a strong player?

    I'm not a strong player (FR 605), but I can definitely remember hitting certain milestones. Winning my first tournament. Top shooter in my league. Beating a player I highly respected in a gambling match even. Winning a short set vs. a pro. Other players asking me for advice. I think the...
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    Great! Making it into that third rack is huge!
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    100 Ball Runners - FargoRate

    I recently played two games on a bar box against my league operator. I found it much more difficult than an 8' table. First off clusters are much more common. Second, more precise position play seems to be required. Of the two games (going to 100), the best best I did was a HR of 21. I felt...