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  • I would like to have a copy of the Spain book sent when you get the time I have all the others. Thanks Dan Axe AXE CUSTOM CUES & REPAIR
    It is unfortunate that you had to close your pool hall.
    i was wondering if any gold crown lights were still availabe and if so how much?
    Thank you,
    I would like to come up Monday or Tuesday to get the billet lathe. Just want to know if that works for you. i could be there by 10:30am
    Hi Rick. We never met but I am just up the street a bit from Main Street Billiards in Crystal Lake. I have a little one table snooker club there with a handful of members a few of whom were occasional patrons of Main Street. I never played pool in your place myself as I am a true blue snooker guy rather than a pool guy. I happened to stumble across your post about the closure and (especially given the fact that I am a small business owner myself,) I am saddened by the news. Good luck with your cue making venture and if you have any interest snooker, whether from a recreational or business point of view (snooker cues and other equipment are very difficult to get ahold of in the US), feel free to give me a call or email. I am very easy to find if you just Google "snooker in Chicago" or "ACES Snooker Club". Good luck.
    Hi Rick. We talked about a month ago about cues. And you asked me to send you a pm. I wasn't sure if it went through and wanted to get back in touch again thanks ~ Bryan
    Hey Rick,

    It was very nice meeting you at the cue show this past Sunday. I learned a lot about your parabolic taper, and thanks for the advice of "be on time, work hard".

    (I was the big asian guy who was trying to find pins to a shaft).

    Thanks again!

    I saw that coming. Maybe someone should point out all the full cored cues they have seen warp............ anyone.... anyone.... Bueller.... Bueller.....

    Ok, that makes alot more sense to me. I FIGURED 150-200 for the clear, 75-125 for activator, then same for reducer.
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