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    CSI stopped submitting games to Fargo in Vegas?!

    I remember it taking a while for games to show up in the past but I’m not sure how long it took. I’d say it’s still probable that those games are entered into Fargo. I hope so at least.
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    Speaking of jump cues, the big boy comes out Tuesday

    $600 is quite the price point considering most other full carbon jump cues are between $400-450.
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    SJM Sizes Up the Matchroom 2021 US Open

    I watched most of the coverage over the 6 days and I’d echo the sentiments that it was a great, well run event. My only complaints would be the camera angles they used sometimes (closeups on the cue ball while it was still rolling or a players face while balls were moving) and Phil Yates. The...
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    US Open 9-ball updates thread..

    Looks like he is in fact using new cues.
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    US Open 9-ball updates thread..

    I heard Corey had his cues/luggage stolen in Vegas so I wonder if he’s playing with unfamiliar equipment?
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    2021 Diamond Las Vegas Open - Streaming Link

    They posted this on Instagram earlier.
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    2021 Diamond Las Vegas Open - Streaming Link

    It doesn’t start until 12PM PST which is 3PM EST so there’s another half hour to go.
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    2021 Diamond Las Vegas Open - Streaming Link

    I was hoping to find the brackets as well. The streamstak link is working for me though.
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    Team USA will not have Justin Bergman at Mosconi Cup

    Albin has already been announced by matchroom. They posted it on Instagram on the 17th. I’m not sure if Filler has been confirmed yet or not. That’s just a formality at this point though I’d have to think.
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    STRONGEST FIELD so far this year-Las Vegas Open (1-4 Sep), 10 Ball/9 ft table, Winner $15K

    Anyone know if they’re going to swap tables between events? I wonder if Diamond sponsoring the warmup tournament and predator sponsoring the main one will present issues in the future now that predator has their own table they’re trying to promote.
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    Tipping on table time?

    My room has a weird thing going on where their pool room and the bar are considered separate businesses or something like that so you have to pay for your table time in the pool room and your drinks/food in the bar. And you can bring beer into the pool room but not liquor/mixed drinks...
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    Conditions to participate in the upcoming U.S. Open

    The players aren't going to sue Matchroom for this addendum nor will Matchroom sue a player if they play in the US Open and an event that falls within their vague parameters. Matchroom has accumulated enough power and influence over the sport already that all they will do if you violate that...
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    Pool table lights.

    I bought one of these and while I haven't had my table installed yet, the light itself looks great. It does takes some time to assemble/hang, but at less than half the cost of the predator light it is well worth the money.
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    Races to 4 for the pro's???

    With how things stand currently, pros need amateurs much more than amateurs need pros. The prize pool is largely made up from entry fees so the pros need the amateur’s “dead money” to grow the pot and make playing somewhat financially viable for them.
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    New Paypal fees...................

    What impact will this really have when 95% of sellers who use PayPal don't ask for the correct markup when sending goods & services and instead demand an arbitrary 4%? PayPal should just drop the hammer on people cheating the system and then their fees may not have to be increased.