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    Where did you get off to? The games afoot.

    Where did you get off to? The games afoot.
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    NPR appears to be safe again. LOL.

    NPR appears to be safe again. LOL.
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    pooltchr in recovery from heart surgery.

    For any of you that know Steve from both here and BD. Just wanted to let you know that he has had heart surgery and is now in recovery. He is being cared for at Novant Health. I believe in NC.
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    AZB Christmas Lights Displays and Cues Thread.

    Emphasis on Christmas lights displays. Cues to keep it pool related. We have 68,863 members. Lets see what sort of Christmas spirit is out there.
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    Anybody going to BLU EMU Southern Open in Bristol?

    Just curious if any of our members are attending or if any of our ladies are participating?
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    Anybody been touch with Pinklady lately?

    She seems to have dropped off the edge of the world.
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    Veronica Perez's Daughter is Missing.

    If anybody in the AZB community is near Veronica please keep an eye out for her daughter. She posted on Facebook that her daughter was missing about 11 hours ago.
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    Happy Birthday Trigger!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful day!!! :):):)
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    It is not a real game of pool in a bar unless somebody is drunk and disorderly. I wonder if he had his dragon cue? :wink::) 'GAME OF THRONES' KIT HARINGTON DRUNK AND DISORDERLY During Pool Game Video "Game of Thrones" star Kit Harington was into a different kind of game Friday night ...
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    RIP poolplayer2093

    I just became aware that poolplayer passed away a few years ago. He was pretty prolific posting in both the Main and NPR forums. The information came via Blah Blah. Great thread- thanks for bringing it back, Sev. I'm...
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    Forum Member Hondo is Recovering from Being Stabbed in the Chest.

    He is currently banned from the site. I know we have a lot of cross over members here. This is a real life and death struggle of one of our members. He acted in a very noble manner in this matter and it could very well have cost him is life. Many in todays society would not have stepped up...
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    Fancy Tomato Stakes F/S

    Stake #1 Carolina SOLD! Stake #2 Viattorre This cue was built in 03. It was called "Lance" on the Viattorre site. It is in excellent condition. The curly maple is outstanding. For full disclosure. The finish is not quite smooth at the black rings where the ivory teeth are. It is...
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    Pair of Early Nova's. Vertical Marquee's.

    The butt of this Nova was refinished by Kenny Murrell several years ago. The original wrap was replaced as well. The current wrap is leather. Figured Birdseye maple forearm and sleeve. Cocobola windows with maple diamonds. Weight is 18.5oz. Nova cues have a weight bolt. There are no...
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    Wrong forum

    Ooops!!!! :embarrassed2:
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    Active Alternatives to Ebay for selling cues.

    I had not sold anything on Ebay for quite a while. I recently sold a couple of cues and got sticker shock from all the fees. Has anybody in the community discovered any sites that have an active sales section for pool related items?