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  • schon wrapless 1817 ltd i can see in pics very good and couldnt find it on web can u text me better pics 405-833-4462
    what do you think?? this is what I got from the Schön SP ebay seller:: "I work at schön cues. This was a gift after working a year at the shop. If you dont believe it just call john fehrman at the shop and he can confirm that. Thanks"
    Hi. I was referred to you from a friend who made a purchase from you for his Runde Schon. I'm looking to have Bob Runde make me a shaft for my Runde Schon cue. I'd like a 13mm, stitched ring, weighing around 4 oz with a Micarta ferrule. Looking to see if this can be done & of course for price & time frame. I addition, I was hoping to get the thickness of the stitched ring to match the butt. (I can send u a pic of it). Look forward to hearing from you. Best regards... Bobby
    My name is Tony and I am Vegas, I bought a Viking is Dec 2013. I am wondering if I can buy a shaft for me that would be 2 inches longer, I am tall guy and this would help me.
    The Viking from you cost me $400 , so give me some info and see what we can do.
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