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  • Good to know you are still kickin my friend! Im doing ok just gettin old lol. Yeah i know Jim Polley he is an accountant i think. Used to shoot some with him havent seen him in about 9 years. He had a sweet Szamboti he let me shoot few with it. Then he traded it off and got one of Burton Spains higher end cues. Shot with it but liked the feel of the Szamboti better. He has one of my friends Capone cue also. What are you shootin with now? Did you ever get that Runde you wanted?
    Friend moved from a poor rural area in Ga. To west Texas.
    He said back home you could buy any part of the pig but tbe sqeall. Found out in Texas you could buy all things bovine,only missing the moo��
    I'm so used to not getting messages that I didn't notice this until today. Sorry.

    Normally, I would never post, or even take, photos of the girls I work with. However, the club has asked me to do photos for social media and all photos that get used, which includes the ones I posted, are used with permission of the girls. And, just to play it extra safe, I've made sure that no faces are shown. Also, the club I work at has not been named.

    A joking request for photos was made after my line of work was revealed. I was finally given the opportunity to present some in a manner that would cause no grief for anyone, myself included. LOL
    Yes, I know they helped set up. Mine is a fantastic player, and has a Tasc look to it. Thank you for the info.
    Good to hear about the tip! I know there must have been a reason they were the best tips out there, before the boom of the layered tips. Thanks for the message.
    Hey Woody, Are you still kicking? Where are you at these days? Happy Thanksgiving! Im living in ironton oh now.
    What were those people thinking? Do you think they thought they looked good? OMG, like you said you cant get that out of your head.
    Hey Woody, No I live in Ashland Ky. Brian Meade was asking about you about a week ago. I told him i hadnt heard from you in a while. If you are ever around ashland or huntington let me know. My Phone # is 606 393 3255. Oh Have a Great Christmas!!!
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