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    Dime Radius or Nickel Radius?

    One of the best players at the room I play at uses an almost flat tip that's about a 1/4 inch wider than his ferrule. Looks like he's playing with a mushroom stuck on the end of his stick. Says he likes it like that but I think he's just too cheap to have someone install a tip correctly for...
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    Billiard Glasses Contest Winner Is......

    For me glasses make the balls smaller but with sharp edges, contacts are not as sharp but the depth perception is better and the balls look larger. I’ve worn contacts since the 70’s starting with the hard contacts that you’d need to boil every night. The disposable soft contacts are great and...
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    My Home Pool Room Journey

    I built my light with three two by two led panels (over nine footer), they had a nice flat glass diffuser without any hot spots I got them pretty cheap the Home Depot ($27 each?). Made a three inch frame in walnut to match my table suspended on chains. Excellent lighting, looks great...
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    My Home Pool Room Journey

    Something to remember is to wire your table light to a wall switch and if you get a dimmable led light you may also need to allow for wiring for a low voltage dimmer switch.
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    How often is does your pool hall tables get refelted?

    Place I play at puts on new cloth every couple years. It's pretty busy and most table are pretty worn by then, 18 months may be better. Simonis 860HR I believe. At my home table I can go about 5 years with maybe 10-15 hours play a week, it's not badly worn but I like to freshen it up. Few...
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    Shaft Question - how to make slick and remove dry wood feel

    A few drops of RainX (for car windshields) rubbed in briskly with a cloth makes your shaft almost too slick.
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    Fixing old GC rail counters

    The old counters (GC1 or 2?) I worked with were chrome plated.
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    Ball cleaner project

    see for a unique design
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    Ball cleaner

    Take a look at
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    Ball cleaner project

    You Sir, have my admiration............
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    Ball cleaner project

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    Ball cleaner project

    Direct drive motor to platter? No belt, pulleys, bearings? Must spin real FAST.
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    Ball cleaner project

    Nice!! Like the storage niche on the side. What kind of motor? About how much would you estimate in parts and hours of work? Did you try to make your own sprocket? What's it weigh?
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    Ball cleaner project

    Something to be aware of if building a Diamond type machine... the center of the revolving platter is offset slightly from the center of the round opening. This gives the balls a multi-axis spin so they clean better.
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    Ball cleaner project

    Nice machine, looks great! Did you make the floating spindle or buy one? Here's a machine on steroids you may be interested in....