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  • Dont believe everything you hear from people that have lost thousands to me. I am not the player or the person I was 25 years ago. I have done something with my life. All the haters are still mad as I used to taunt them a bit when I would beat them. Not proud of that but none the less I guess some people still live in the past...If you meet see me somewhere introduce yourself to me and decide for yourself if I am the evil one that some people make me out to be. I beat Bugs at the Cafe two times and once at Billy Incardona's place in Chicago. he beat me on the south side. All this took place in the late 80's and early 90's. Not to brag but I went for ten years and never once was beaten even playing bankpool. except by Howard the Coward on the south side. 50 a game and I lost 300. 1985 If people are going to post nonsense and can't discuss pool or it's positive aspects.... Why should sponsors? They read this stuff. We wonder why our sport is being held back...Mark.
    Hey Slh, Thanks for asking about me! I will be at DCC this year. Say hello if you see me there! David Maddux
    good luck finding a cue,

    if you can play with the cue before you buy it, I have bought cues with out ever trying them an more often than not I ended up not likeing them. if I can help you please let me know, send me a message here-I dont have PM's turned on here. I'm glad to help

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