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    Weird little shots?

    Here are a couple of neat ones (including a safety). Nothing new here, but they're fun little weird shots. Jersey Red 1-pocket double-kiss shot: Double-kiss bank shot from near the side pocket into the corner Frozen ball 2-rail spin...
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    Trick Shots in Regular Play

    Hi GeoEnvi, I'm nowhere near a pro player, and far from even a regionally competitive player, but I've always enjoyed going for the miraculous shot. I've lost many many games and matches because of that temptation, but I play pool to have fun, not necessarily to win. Those rare occasions that...
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    How fast does it spin?

    Hello friends, It's been a while since I've been active on AZB, but thought I'd chime in for this one, just for fun. From a visual observation of various slomo videos, the fastest instantaneous rotation I've seen on a cue ball (limited to my own shots) is around 1400 - 1700 RPM, about twice as...
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    US Open Finals Format

    "Format for Final 3 matches - Quarter and Semi finals: Race to 11; must win by 2. 12/12 is Hill, Hill. - Finals: Race to 13; must win by 2. 14/14 is Hill, Hill." -Blake
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    First BNR

    Congratulations! Keep up the good work!
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    What's up with the cueballs at the U.S. Open

    Scott is saying that the cue ball used during his second match was NOT a red circle NOR a measles ball. Perhaps he is referring to the Super Aramith Pro cue ball with the Aramith logo on it. From Facebook: (Below picture not from Facebook)
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    US Open PPV schedule<<<<<<<

    Ugh. Sorry, I didn't know that about Edge (I don't have it yet). Looks like it'll have to be Firefox, Safari, or (dare I say it) Internet Explorer.
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    US Open PPV schedule<<<<<<<

    Chrome won't work with the chat room. If you're getting that message in Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc, then you probably need to install Java. You can get it here. It's a pretty quick install. Hope this helps, -Blake
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    Super Seniors One Pocket Classic

    It is indeed! See you there tomorrow! :) -Blake
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    Super Seniors One Pocket Classic

    I don't have the full bracket, but they're down to the final 4: Winner side: John Smith vs John Henderson 1-Loss side: Buddy Hall vs James Christopher Matches start at noon CDT on Sunday.
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    U.S. 9ball Open 2015 info

    The rules can be found on the US Open web page: From the above-linked page: Oddly, the "rules and notes" section does not mention the position of the rack, but from reading other threads here on AZB, I believe the 9 will be on the foot spot...
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    Super Seniors One Pocket Classic

    Looks like the live stream will be here: Here is the flyer:
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    Winning 8-ball trickshots!

    Very very cool! Awesome video!
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    Odd 9 Ball Rule

    Yep. Whatever this peculiar game is, it is clearly not 9-ball. Call it goof-ball or wacky-ball but don't pretend that it's 9-ball.
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    Ko's final shot on the three ball? the masse jump?

    Oh pfff. Ko shot it, and it was posted in HD, and we're talking about it now. It was a nice shot, no matter who shot it. Nothing extraordinary but still a nice shot. And yes, I was rooting for Shane. ;) -Blake