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    Carmon room

    Tis is a nice place to watch good players.
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    Billiard table cover. $20.00 labor

    Table work.
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    Billiard table cover. $20.00 labor

    This man does nice work.
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    For Sale Original 60s hand made George Balabushka Cue $27,000 (sold pending payment)

    They have USPS auctions every week in Atlanta for lost things.
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    Basement Visitor

    Never use both of those names in the same sentence. Its like comparing a VW bug to a 911 turbo.
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    mail me at and i will send

    mail me at and i will send
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    He bet cash that trumph would win, so maybe he is ducking.
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    Leveling a 3-pc slate on a smaller, recreational home table

    May be time to jack that table up and run a new one under it.
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    Jerry Price

    He was sick many years ago but i have not heard nothing. He may be done as he is near 80 yrs.
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    Haley Cue New

    I have a new unchalked cue for sale. 6 point 3 high 3 low with 6 windows in butt sleeve. I can only send pics with whatsap. 4K firm
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    WTB Ron Haley cues

    Send me a message to I have a new cue.
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    Carom installers?

    There is a man in medellin that many consider the best. He told me that he travels to 9 different countries,
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    Who is the BEST mechanic in the US????

    He dont count because he is the best and he dont play the suck game. Never heard of him scaming anyone ever.
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    Are you going to fix the cue. You will have to fix the shafts too.
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    Southeast Houston Players

    Head south a a few hours and i can take you to a different room everyday for more than two months.